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Pacific Vortex is a thriller that begins with the main personality, Dirk Pitt, sunbathing on beautiful Hawaiian seashore. This novel talk about the US government seeking to find the Starbuck, a submarine vanished in the Pacific vortex or sometimes referred to as Hawaiian vortex. This is a region similar to the Bermuda Triangle where the vanishing of objects is rampant. The underwater vessel disappeared on its maiden testing and contained the most sophisticated equipment, in stipulations of nuclear capabilities that America has created so far. The novel says that, the last known communication recorded from the nuclear vessel came from captain Dupree, acknowledging that they were lost without potential of recovering themselves and stating the direction of their location.

While in his vacations, in the coastline of Hawaii; Dirk gets yellow flotsam with an affixed canister (Prologue ii). A communication container from the Starbuck directed to Admiral Hunter of the Pearl Harbor. Thus, he is directly included in the hunt for the submarine and begins a hazardous trip in which he will encounter different adversaries, conspiracies, and insecurity about who to rely on. He also finds a mysterious lady, Summer, who will shake his humanity and obscure matters further.

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Dirk Pitt is the key character of the novel. A senator's son, and a scientist at the National Underwater Marine Agency, he is a fan of the sea and a diving specialist. As a science oriented individual, he is well trained, and a part from training has a curious mind (chapter 100). This added with his obsession of adventure, almost cause his and other's death. This is manifested from the beginning of the book, when he dives and swims out to retrieve the communications canister, to the conclusion of the book when he is swimming about a submarine seamount. His acquaintance of the ocean and how to survive rescue him and others from the near misfortunes that his inquisitiveness and sense of escapade keep getting them all into.

A part from Pitt, other characters include Summer, the lady who almost confused him and cause more problems, Martha Ann, who a boards the helicopter, Boland, whom he rescues. There is also commander Dupree, who take responsibility for the lost submarine, Captain Orl Cinana, Adrian Hunter, Dirk's old girlfriend, a woman who enters the hotel and argues with Adrian, Denver, Russians, and Spanish personnel.

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The characters were credible and did their part well. The main character, Pitt, face a lot of challenges due to his curiosity and diving expertise which threaten to risk of the others. His expertise on the sea adventures saves him and others when they were submerged. Another problem he encounters is the fact that ladies loved him, and this causes some threats to his work. Dirk life is adventurers; wherever he goes, he explores that possibility.

The characters of this novel are very interesting, and captivating, however, their encounters are relevant to their area of expertise. I relate with most of them in the sense of judgmental abilities and adventuring though different areas.

This was a short book and cultivating. Cussler created a very interesting and entertaining series. A reader can breeze through it in a few hours and get very relaxed. I believe this is one of the military thrillers I enjoyed most.  Very little, I would dare change because it is a work of an expert. Pacific Vortex is the perfect book I would recommend for someone who needs to get fun and enjoy reading.


This is a very entertaining military thriller. The author gives very expert analysis of the submarine problems and challenges. The characters have the expertise and display them accordingly.  Pacific Vortex is suitable for those who love fun and adventure.

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