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When society changes from one ideology to another then a paradigm shift is said to have occurred. Society changes from one event to another that causes the change in the thinking. Once a revolution is seen e.g. scientific revolution, then people move to more developed modes of practices and hence a shift in thinking capacity. Many paradigm shifts have occurred with many people changing in character, thinking and practices. This paper discus the rise of paradigm shifts in the health arena. The believe of people in miracles in religion and spirituality is explained, the role of science in healing and the benefits of using complementary and alternative medicines model in changing the peoples ideals is discussed.

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Role of religion and spirituality in health

Recently, religion has been advocates of miracles and healing process. Televangelists have been allover the media claiming to perform miracles, many even broadcast live healing crusades where the blind see, the lame walk, and other diseases which may not be curable by science being healed (Elasmar, 2003 p.46). They preach the gospel of faith and believing for once miracle. This has created a paradigm shift of people believing in miracles and flock meetings and services of these evangelists. The role of religion and spirituality is to give hope to the destitute and the hopeless. Yet these evangelist reverse roles and create a paradigm shift (Hayes, 2001 para.3).

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The integration of religion, spirituality and science as part of a paradigm shift to holistic healing will only be realized when the ideology of miracles preached by the evangelists and preachers is changed by proving that science can cure. The health of many individuals is given to the evangelists while taking time to go to scientific doctors since many don’t believe in science. The cost of scientific healing is also high and has contributed to the shift to religious health; reduced health will see an integrated system between religion, spirituality and science.

Science and health

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Science was believed to be an answer and is still believed but many people are shifting to other solutions since science is seen as the act of trial and error. Many medicines have been invented and others faced out (Aronowitz, 1988 p.365). Science was the major attraction in health but a shift is being realized with majority believing in religion.

Contemporary and Alternative Medicine

The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) model will definitely work to pull the shift from the religious idea to an idea of CAM. Prove and magic of using nonstandard medicines, which are much cheaper and believed to cure, will create a paradigm shift. The use of herbal medicines, acupuncture, chiropractic and other CAM methods will help shift peoples minds from the present ideology of miracles to a more physical and substantial method (Kelner, & Wellman, 2000 p.27).


Once people believe in something it is hard and difficult to change from it especially it is religious or spiritual. Many spiritual leaders rely on the unquestioning nature of their religious believes to give promises to the attendants and though others are not healed then they go with hope and faith (Breton, & Largent, 1998 p.156). The shift to CAM’s will make the euphoria of religion pass and create a new song of medicines. The health of an individual is core and important and should not be left at the mercy of uncaring religious leaders, or CAM, but to the experienced facts of science. Scientists should have a better approach to their policies in order to create a paradigm shift back to them.

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