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The thinking patterns of human beings have been found to play a critical role in enhancing their performance in their careers and other areas of life. According to Switzky (2001), there are different motivational orientation theories that play a critical role in the study and analysis of different motivational approaches in the lives of human beings (p.83). In line with this, there are two major motivational personalities that are exhibited in human beings namely; intrinsic and extrinsic learners. In line with this, these learners are categorized according to the ability to learn in life.

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In reference to Bob’s case, he can be described as a person who is intrinsically motivated. Switzky (2001) asserts that intrinsically motivated persons draw on his motivation from the inner man rather from the outside environment (p.98). In addition, intrinsically motivated persons were found to set high standards for themselves rather than depending on the external environment to do this for them. In line with this, Bob found it difficult to adhere to the standards that had been set by the Coach of participating in easy games that he was capable of winning. Similarly, his dreams were higher than those that had been set by the fans of being a collegian or a professional player.

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In consistent to this, there are certain beliefs that were exhibited in the motivational life of Bob in regard to talent and intelligence. Following these points, Bob believes that the results of his failures are due to incompetence and the inability of his self to perform (Dweck & Elliot, 2005, p.192). This results from the fact that such kinds of people have a tendency of focusing on ‘how I did it’ more than on anything else in their lives. In addition to this, Bob is a performance oriented person. This emanates from the fact that whereas he had succeeded in beating tougher teams, Bob felt as a failure when he was allowed to play against weak teams that his coach believed he was in a position to win. Whereas to the coach he had won these games, to Bob this was a lowering of playing standards since he had won against great opponents.

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With this in mind, these personality types in terms of motivation have been found to face a lot of challenges as a result of their perception towards success and failure in their lives. To begin with, the factor of performance remains as a core in any activity that they are mandated to participate in on a daily basis. In line with this, these individuals believe that failures in their lives are attributed to their inability to perform to a certain level. In this regard therefore, they remain less motivated as long as what they are doing is ‘under performance’ in their lives.

 In essence, if one gained an opportunity of speaking with Bob as his coach, one should encourage Bob by assuring him that that he is confident in him that he can become a great pitcher. Instead of focusing on his performance of defining for him what he can be able to achieve in life, on needs to get him to know that he can perform better and become a great sportsman. In reference to Ford & Urban (1998), stability-maintaining processes operate to facilitate the construction of these successful behavior patterns (p.164). In this case, the coach need to create a process of reconstruction that would lead to stability in the life of Bob especially in regard to his performance. This approach would therefore enable him to gain control of his own life and lead to a creation of a wining future for himself.

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