Free «Response to Putnam's Chapters» Essay Sample

The Putnam’s work discusses social ties and links between people in social groups. Feedback loops exist between choice and social design in such a way that both influence each other, constantly changing the communication patterns and design dimensions of the community. Thus the perception of increased levels of mutual influence leads to increased levels of shared experience. Putnam makes specific reference to the existence of enabling and constraining forces, and thereby acknowledges the existence of opposing forces. Following Putnam, social capital means “collective values of all social networks” (Putnam). Social capital has a great impact on the social development and growth, its profitability and skills of social members. In most cases, Social capital system consists of a network and an organizational infrastructure to support the development of new systems. The underlying idea is that social networks and links are created and changed by human action, yet it is also used by people to accomplish organizational aims. The main bridging factors are loose friendship or job loss. This factor is important because it explains the main individual traits which force a person to enter a social group. Bonding factors involve neighborhood, social conditions (poverty0), family relations or close friendship. People may, for example, decide to use group support systems for the purpose of generating ideas, yet refuse to use these for overcoming conflicts. Changes in the communication processes and structure gradually occur through learning. Putnam underlines that enabling forces help in fulfilling the intentions of group leaders while constraining forces work in the opposite direction. Social members have to develop the necessary vision to create a context conducive to information-sharing through new patterns of learning. This understanding will help them to govern ignorance and become their own governors armed with the power of experience and communication. Social capital is beneficial for society because it implies knowledge and information transfer. It links similar and different people, and increase social ties and improves social interaction processes.

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