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One hundred years of solitude" by Garcia Marquez revolves around the lives of the Buendias of 100 years. The text also focuses on the city they discovered, Macondo. The text is full of strange happenings where individuals can predict when they are likely to demise. When the book opens, the Melquiades are performing some magics that are very difficult to comprehend. The reason why this text is extraordinary is its ability to surprise. In every character that the reader meets, the unexpected shortly follows.

Marquez takes us through the insomnia that encompasses Macondo. While explaining this, he sticks to his style of writing. He does not describe incidences so much to enable the reader to think. Although there are bizarre incidences of murder, characters haunting, revenge, and war, the text is simple to understand. The reason why the reader might find this text complex is the Buendias way of naming their children. For instance, Aureliano boasts of over 20 sons all named after their fathers who do not feature in the text (Marquez, p 92).

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When we meet with Ursula, she is already a married woman running away with her husband and other citizens through the jungle. She manages to live up to the end of the book with her kids and grandchildren. The one hundred years of solitude are evident in her, given that she even loses her sight. This is why the author is successful in passing his message on solitude.

The generations of Aureliano and Arcadio do not live as their ancestors, and this makes the town to rot. The final destruction of Macondo comes when the entire family of Ursula is eliminated (Marquez, p 210). Finally, another reason why the reader finds it interesting to read the text is that each time one reads the text; it comes as a surprise how much detail one had missed.

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