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Every person wants to achieve some great thing in life, some have achieved, some are in process of achieving and others will never achieve. The fact that human beings are being evaluated by their deeds, has made most demonstrative deeds of people to be experience and achievements in the life. There is a common believe that the level of person’s integrity is determined by the amount of his achievements. To achieve anything in life, time factor is essential and the principle of time management has seen me through many of my achievement. My watch which acts as a tool in time management has been of great importance to any of my success or achievement.

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From the time I was young I dreamt of making great achievements in life. This caused me develop passion in learning and researching on people who made great achievements in life. In my research I was more interested on how they succeed and the kind of challenges of they encountered through their achievement. One of the things I learnt is that time factor was very crucial and when managed well it could lead to great achievement.

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One of my greatest achievements is in academic. Since the time I joined the school my desire was to excel academically and it remained the same throughout my study. When I was in primary school I used to set the alarm of my watch to wake up very early in the morning and work for assignment. I saved for several months to get the money to purchase the watch which I valued more than anything else. My determination and hard work has greatly contributed to my achievements. One of my dear friend whom we used do study together in secondary school has also made great achievement academically and he is pursuing a degree in medicine. Generally it is true that everybody who has succeeded academically managed his/her time well.

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Throughout my period of study I could not go for anything less than my excellent grades. My dear parent came to know the kind of determination I had and they supported me fully to ensure that I accomplished my dreams.  Their support made me to excel in my academics and I will always be grateful to them in all my life. My young siblings have been encouraged to follow my footsteps. 

Once you achieve your goals in life it happens that you get another one to pursue. After making it in academics I got another passion and I dedicated my time to it to attain the best. It was all about doing the charity work to the needy in the society. In these activities time factor also appeared to be important and balancing it, and determining priorities has enabled me to accomplish a lot. I normally plan my activities early in advance and move as per my time schedule. However I do give room for the emergency case and most demanding duties. This charity work has enabled me to accomplish a lot in my life.

Lastly I can generally say that almost every achievement was very important in my life. Through these achievements have learnt so many thing and acquired experience. Some of the things I attained in life will last for long and remain bench mark for future reference. However due to the fact that am still young I strong believe that the greatest achievements of my life are before me.

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