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“O Pioneers!” is a noble artistic work by Willa Cather. I think the book’s genre is a historical fiction, the main setting of which is based on the cultural activities and the level of education.

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The book is skillfully divided into five parts, each of which includes many chapters. The division of the book simply serves the purpose, namely, the characters grow without explanation and the various developments in the plot separate the so important happenings.

Just like the other books “O Pioneers!” significantly brings out the dominance of its main character Alexandra who is depicted as a strong willed and intelligent woman. She adequately develops the main plot of the story with the given characters and endures   to the end in order to witness the love triumph.

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Like in many other tales, in “O Pioneers!” are represented the fatal tragedies of the characters who had only the eternal goal – to find their happiness. Emil and Marie had never lived to experience their love triumph. In my opinion, the author had allowed Emil and Marie to marry and as many would say ‘they lived happily there after’ is not of a great interest anymore. Just the other way round, the distraction of the monotony is represented through the creation of the death’s pioneer. As a successful work of art which skillfully portrays the dominance of the main character to the scarce appearance of the minor characters. The characters are important in all their major and minor roles.

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Willa Cather’s works of art serve the purpose of educating and entertaining. Her story is very entertaining and sometimes might be touching to tears. I would say this is a “must read book,” something that I have never read before. It clearly reveals itself as a film. I could visualize the setting and its characters. “O Pioneers!” is an immense portrayal of a rural but yet civilized ancient European community. Willa Cather develops such a work of art because of the presence of the antagonist and protagonist characters in the story. The protagonist is not always physical; instead, the creative artist can also make it psychological. Fear, anxiety, anger and jealousy are good examples of the non-physical protagonist.

The story eventually ends with a successful conflict resolution as it is usually expected from all professional works of arts. To me, the book was a great success and the author has to be honestly rewarded for such a masterpiece.

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