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The Breakfast Club is an American film of drama by teenagers which was written and as well directed by John Hughes. The line of the story follows five main teenage characters from different clique of high school as they together spend a Saturday while in detention. They later come to understand that they are all together deeper than their individual stereotypes. The main characters in the play are Allison, Bender, Claire, Brian, Andy and the Principal.

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In the drama, the group of teenagers goes through five stages. These stages include honeymoon, control and power, intimacy, differentiation and lastly termination. The stages are a very natural process as would be found in a group and are useful for a successful group to grow and come to maturity. Members are on their best behavior at the honeymoon stage. There is a safe distance kept from each other. The moment members have a feeling that they are ready, they now begin testing the environment boundaries. In the power and control stage, there is a struggle for control and power. For instance, this is seen when Bender kicks Brian when they sit level. The struggle continues and at some point the principal finds the door closed and comes demanding an explanation for that. All the members stand up for the principal and say, "No one closed the door, it was an accident".  

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Mutual agreements however emerge later at the intimacy stage. There are a few common things. They hate the principal and detention; members talk about their personal lives. This brings them together. Differentiation comes later since the members permit themselves to try out new roles and behaviors in their factual selves. However, this is also characterized with traces of power and control. Bender is at some stage not pleased with Claire and tells her, "Don't compare you self to me, princess!" A tendency of going back to initial stages emerges. This leads to the termination stage. Brian wonders, "What will happen when we go back to school on Monday!?" It comes to their knowledge that the group will actually end. By this time, members have grown and really matured.

One aspect that has been used in making this film is transference. Transference as seen in the drama is particularly strong with the principal and Bender. Having had an abusive father, Bender projects his anger for his father to the principal. The principal is mad at it and wants to physically challenge Bender.  This produces a counter transference and the principal feels that the students are humiliating him. He later projects his disgust to Bender. Strong emotions directed to people in the movie have led to a number of counter transference. Bender ultimately develops issues with figures of authority as a result of transference. He tells Andy, "You're an idiot anyway. But if you say you get along with your parents, well, you're a liar too." The principal's actions attempt to beat Bender up is not right; transference has just taken up its course.

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The moral of the drama, "The Breakfast Club" would be achieving unity in diversity. The members of the group have gone through a series of troubles. They have differed in a number of ways but at some point have agreed on some matters due to their social labels. They find themselves in detention. They are later forced to share their personal life experiences. Bender and Claire initially are not in good terms but later stick together. The same happens to Andy and Allison.  These five students in school have been brought together by circumstances. They first thought they were too different only to realize that they had much more in common. They have been able to work it out all and become one in the end.   

The Breakfast Club drama is indeed exciting in the manner that there is no supervision by an adult and teenagers have the chance to do whatever thing they please. Members are at liberty to explore many things. The quality of the movie is great and presents issues that affect our society in various aspects including leadership and the struggle for power and control. This drama would be useful for people who would want to heal their society. Policies are never enough to bring forth such healing. What is needed is practical instruction along with accepting one another. This is the essence of unity in our diversities.

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