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To begin with, the case study of Amy is a case of substance abuse and in particular it is alcoholism. In this sense, it has been pointed out that the mother was a drunkard along with the fact that her drinking is meant to relieve stress over the disappointment by the husband who works seven days a week for 12 hour days. Previously, she used to take care of her drunken mother and taking care of the home, cooking meals while the mother was drunk. Needless to say, her drinking has not only led her to addiction but it has contributed to her failure to take care of the house and her children too. In particular, taking care of the children and her home has been affected by her drinking.

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 Following this point, the best thing to do first is to do an assessment of Amy in that it is meant to collect information. In more specific terms, the first step would be collection as well as the use of information in order to understand the individual Amy. This should consist of interviews to establish the reason for drinking. This should then be followed by the pros as well as cons of drinking and failure to as it is from the perspective of Amy. If it happens that by weighing pros and cons of drinking and stopping to drink, Amy is willing to change, then treatment is necessary (Connors, Donovan  & DiClemente, 2004, p.44).

Since the reason for drinking has been provided in the case as to numb the feelings of disappointment by the husband, at least this can be used as a starting point. Likewise, there is some truth revealed in the case study that Amy’s mother was a drunkard. This may also be a case of genetic predisposition. In the same line of thought, it should be inquired whether the problem affects other family members. If so, is Amy aware of it? This should then be followed by questions of whether Amy is willing to change and if so has she been trying to take the necessary actions? By so doing, the ways that Amy has applied to make a change and stop to drink should be explored establishing the reason for the failure (Fisher & Harrison, 2009).

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From a general point of view, the first step is all about assessment to understand Amy along with the evaluation of the indicators of the drinking problem together with the add-on life problems such as the issue of failing to take care of both the children and the house. The psychological effects to the children and other family members should also be explored. The following step should then be the stage of helping her to stop using the alcohol (Fisher & Harrison, 2009). This should incorporate an active treatment which entails the aspect of intensive and outpatient treatment medications meant to help Amy in her craving for alcohol as well as medications to discourage her alcohol use.

Before including the outpatient treatment, in-patient medication is necessary. At the same time, I would provide Amy with options of alcoholism counselors since she needs them in her early recovery (Fisher & Harrison, 2009). Amy’s preferences in regard to recovery programs as well as support programs for recovery should be taken into consideration while choosing the best program and support for recovery (Connors, Donovan & DiClemente, 2004, p.102). In addition, the role played by the family members and friends in the process of Amy’s recovery should not be taken for granted. As such, they should be consulted beginning with the husband who has been pointed as a source of the disease since he has no time for Amy and the children.

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If need be, this may call for change of his profession and more so to create time for his family by all means. In connection to this point, details of how the husband and other family members should help Amy to recover should be included. Accordingly, how the friends should help her to recover should be incorporated. Additionally, Amy should be directed on how to avoid interacting with other drunkards in order to avoid the aspect of relapses (Connors, Donovan & DiClemente, 2004, p.255). Scenes of drinking should be avoided along with the aspect of finding another activity that can make Amy not to afford time for drinking If need be, the role played by genetic predisposition should be included in order to apply the necessary actions if genes play a part.  Remarkably, the role of continuity of care should not be left to chance. So to speak, there should be checkups of Amy’s progress taking duration of a week or two once recovery has taken effect.

Amy feels insecure, even worthless inside her as she felt that she was the cause for the death of the father who died when she was age ten. From this perspective, Amy should be helped to be able to come out of the aspect of feeling worthless and insecure within her since this may be a contributing factor to her drinking problem.  By so doing, it would be so easy to help Amy stop drinking. From a general standpoint, assessing Amy, her willingness to change and working together to change would help her come out of the problem. Furthermore, using her family, friends and most important the husband to help in the recovery process would play a great role in what becomes of her situation (Fisher & Harrison, 2009). Continuity care approach would work on the basis of making checkups of the progress within a scheduled time interval would be of great importance. If it happens that genetic predisposition has played a role in the problem. The right medical prescriptions should be taken incorporating both in-patient and out-patient medications. Other effects of the problem should be considered taking care of the psychological, mental and general health deterioration along with social effects to Amy and the family.

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