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The talk show starts with the Icebreaker joke of a new restaurant on moon which has good food but no air. Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan and Wikileak’s Julian Assanga’s movement were included in the comic dialogue of hosts Rico and Brendan as “people visiting enemy territory” in Small Talk sections.

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The hustle bustle at the Marketplace acknowledges the intellect Japanese have applied to generate power with the help of electric eels. The Christmas is going to shine by the energy transfer from eels to the aluminium plate and finally to the glowing lights. Reports of Kardashian’s detaching themselves from prepaid cards and news of “The Godfather’s House” on sale by Stacey Vanek Smith were add-ons to the show.

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The history lesson takes us to the journey of the year 1972 when a videogame by the name “Pong” was introduced at the bar of Silicon Valley by the company Atari. The game became so popular that it generated huge profits and laid the foundation stone of a $60 billion dollar industry. For the thirsty lot, Johny Raglin explains how to make the icy drink  “The Pong Pong “ of the 70s  by shaking  Playmouth sloe gin,Drambuie and lemon juice back forth. 

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The Guest of Honor was “Diplo”, a music director with a strange nickname who shared his experience of his music ventures in far off nations like Cambodia and Vietnam and his Dubstep tracks. His stories of his computer page being hacked and his mother calling him on phone  turns out interesting. The Main Course featured UCLA which has been given the coveted name of “the most vegan friendly campus” by PETA.

I liked the “Pong” game concept. All people with business mindset should be ready to harness any available opportunity and work with full zeal and use the brain at its best.

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