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Notorious is a thriller film produced and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film stars Claude Rains, Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant as the main actors. The film showcases the three as people whose lives are intimately entrapped during an intelligence operation. The film was shot in the late 1945 and completed in early 1946 and later released in August 1946. This paper is a brief essay about the movie Notorious.

 Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman is the daughter of a denounced Nazi spy. She is recruited by Cary Grant as T. R. Devlin to infiltrate a group of Nazis who are suspected to have relocated to Brazil after WWII. As the two wait for details of their project, they fall in love despite the fact that he knows her wild past. But as fate could have it, Devlin gets orders to persuade Alicia to seduce Claude Rains (as Alex Sebastian) who is one of her father’s friends. He tries to convince superiors that she is not fit for the job but he later grudgingly agrees to do so and Alicia says that she only pretended to love him. Alicia notices another man called Sebastian and they agree to include him as one of her playmates. Devlin agrees and Sebastian later proposes to marry Alicia. When Alicia seeks Devlin with a hope that he would persuade her from doing this he in the contrary tells her to agree to whatever Sebastian says and with bitterness Alicia marries Sebastian.

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After returning from her honeymoon, Alicia tries to look for evidence in the house. She relates that the key ring with the key to the wine cellar is shorter and Devlin urges her to hold a grand party so that he can investigate. Alicia steals the key the night before the bash. Together with Devlin, they discover that there is a bottle disguised as having wine but inside there was something like black sand. The “wine” bottle accidentally breaks and Devlin cleans and pushes it under the wine rack but takes a sample of this black sand. As the two agree to cover for the mistake, Devlin feigns drunkenness and escapes. When Sebastian comes, he realizes the miss and becomes suspicious. After he realizes what has happened with the “wine bottle”, he vows to silence Alicia but everything must be done carefully not to arouse suspicion with his fellow Nazis. After he consults his mother, he decides that Alicia will be silenced by poisoning. Alicia’s coffee is poisoned and as she starts falling ill. Devlin is alarmed because she fails to appear at their scheduled meeting. He is shocked after he sneaks to her residence and learns that her mother-in-law has poisoned Alicia. Devlin confesses his love to her and he carries her out of her house as Sebastian’s Nazi cabal watches in full view. He declines Sebastian’s request to go with them. Devlin drives away and leaves Sebastian behind to face his Nazi cohorts. 

Clearly the film stars, Alicia plays perfectly as a drunkard who seemingly wants to run away from the reality after her father was convicted of treason charges. She proclaims that she wants “a good life”. The film shows how the producer has mastered the art of camera focus and movement bringing out the audience into the film by a way of altering the subjective and objective point of view. He showcases a way of revealing what is only necessary and amplifies things in most compelling ways in the film. There is little doubt left that this is a well written script as the producer goes beyond a mere linguistic explanation showing the audience the eloquence of the camera. I strongly feel that this is an engaging plot with very relevant themes that are strongly combined to make a hilarious film.

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