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Warner's role to the contraption of photography has been based on a richer and more kaleidoscopic explanation of the history of photography. In the course of her all-inclusive surveys we have been able to see convincing how photography has sharpened, if not changed forever, our insight of the world. The book introduced students to photography and it does not demand that students possess any technical knowledge and students can learn without referring to techniques in photography. Her work has also provided an exceptional focus on fashionable photo-based work and electronic media. The text surveys the history of photography in a manner that students can judge the medium's long-term multifold developments (Warner Marien, 27).

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In a cultural framework, the work has helped students to follow debates in regards to nature of invention, application of imagery as a tool of western colonialism, effects of media on decency, and the significance of photography in advertising, radical politics, family life, fashion, and the changing roles of photographers in the society. Through its chronological organization of its broad topics; the eight chapters examines the medium through the lenses of art, fashion, mass media, individual practitioners and science. Through the book we also see the historical events such as American Civil War and in cultural perception and bringing out the sense of infiltrated post-World War II Europe and America. The text also provides students with latest research in regards to photo art, photojournalism, and setting of documentary which is discussed in the ending chapter.

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Edward Weston also in his book engages in a discussion that explores the relationship between photography and politics. The text applies critical theory and broader explanation of the relationship between images, reality and interpretation of images. It has brought out well the aspects which have been well discussed through reviews of literature surrounding the field of sociology art, seminology, and key theoretical writers of photography such as Berger, Bourdieu and Baudrillard including cultural theorists (Edward, 105).

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The Rosenblum's chronicle of photography is dependable and impartial, tracing chronologically and thematically the progression of this young art. In this book the diverse role played by photography has also been explored and this has really helped in communication of ideas. Dr. bases more attention to topics such as photojournalism, advertising, documentation, and portraiture, as well as personal artistic expression. The profiles of individuals who made contribution to photography are also provided in the text (Rosenblum, 196). Harmonizing the widespread illustrations covered in the text are seven in-depth albums of wonderful examples of color photography, photojournalism, landscape, social, portraiture, and systematic credentials. A time line and a bibliography-all restructured for this new edition-supply supplementary precious information (Rosenblum, 197).

In conclusion, the far-ranging texts discussed; abundant extraordinary features, handsome, user-friendly drawing, views the volume as enlightening, visually exhilarating, collectors, photographers, and anyone else who loves photography, and reachable for common and complex students,. Lastly, it provides entire history of photography, as well as offering fresh images and observations, inspiring readers to look at and think about photographs in ground-breaking and demonstrative ways.

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