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The movie The Killers is a production of 1964 and directed by Don Siegel. It was made famous by the fact that Ronald Reagan appears as a villain in the film. The film features other people such as Ava Gardner and Burt Lancaster. The second film is The Naked Kiss directed by Samuel Fuller. This film stars Antony Eisley, Constance Towers, and Dante Michael. The film presented Constance Towers as a prostitute who does business in the town of Grantville after being chased by her pimp out of the big city. Looking at the two films, the use of visual elements is critical in telling these different stories. In this paper we will discuss how the use of visual elements is appropriately used in telling the different stories in the films The Killers and The Naked Kiss.

Use of Visual Elements in the Two Films

In editing and production of films, the use of visual elements is significant because it determines the quality of the film, and also influences the manner in which the relevant information and story is narrated to the viewer. This is achieved through the use of cameras, editing, and the entire process of cinematography. Without proper application of the above procedures, definitely the film will not pass the intended message to the audience. As well, such tools are significant in defining the quality of any given film.

To begin with, The Killers is a violent movie and therefore the proper use of visual elements is necessary if the appropriate message is to be passed to the viewer. With this film, there has been the continued use of shorter camera takes although with frequent overlap of scenes. This is done in the film to enhance viewing and also create a uniform occurrence of events. Indirect camera movement has also been used to make sure different shots are highlighted in the film. This is usually done whenever producing thriller and action movies (The Killers). Appropriate use of cameras is evident in the film. Camera angles are widely used in the film to make sure varied scenes have been captured effectively and by so doing pass the right message to the viewer. Camera angles can therefore be applied in a film to reflect the right message intended by the director. This also helps create contrast and scene-presentation to boost image viewing.

Longer takes and application of angles have been used to boost visual quality of the film. The use of dull colors in this film has also been used to elaborate the crime scenes. Some scenes have also been filmed in night mode as a way of connecting different events in the film. That being the case, we will realize that the use of camera in capturing scenes can be effectively altered to improve the quality and also make it easier to pass the intended message to the viewer (The Killers). Camera movements also enhance scenery presentation. In The Killers, these aspects have been widely applied to pass the story. The characters have also been engaged in dynamic movements which make it possible to tell the theme and tone of the film.

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Although the use of audio features is important whenever producing a film, it should be agreed that visual elements are equally significant and cannot be ignored. This is the reason such elements have been widely taken into consideration in the production of the film (The Killers). To achieve the intended perspective, the use of camera movements, color, and proper camera angles has been widely adopted. Basically, the coordinated manner of acting in this film is effective because it passes the relevant story to the audience. Color contrasts and lighting has also been effective in determining the message and quality of this film. Use of varied camera angles is used in The Killers to capture wider scenes.

After analyzing the above use of color, camera and lighting, it is notable that the director decided arrange the different scenes with varied color schemes, lighting and camera angles in order to show different aspects of the film, dictate the major themes, represent tone, mood, and as well pass the intended message to the audience (The Killers). This kind of approach and use of visual elements is therefore effective in telling the exact story to the viewer.

The second film Naked Kiss has been presented in a totally different way compared to Don Siegel's The Killers. Having been produced in 1964, the film is produced using the presently available techniques of film editing and production. The use of visual elements is widely incorporated in order to pass the intended message to the viewer. The film has incorporated the use of longer takes to make sure specific scenes are critically analyzed by the audience. This is also accompanied by differentiated color contrasts, lighting and tone (The Naked Kiss).

The use of camera movements is also notable in this film as a way of achieving perspective, distance, and tone. For instance, the use of camera movements has been encouraged to promote the kind of message and story told to the viewer. In the manner in which the people act, this film is able to pass to pass the theme to the person watching it (The Naked Kiss). Different characters and respective behaviors and traits have helped the director synthesize the message passed across.

Camera movements are also used in the film to promote viewing and also show 'exactness' of different scenes. Another notable thing in the film is the use of striking visual elements. The director has used differentiated grayscale in the film which has effectively helped improve its quality. Different camera angles have also been used to represent different scenes. The combination of camera angles and the acting of the characters has helped present the situation and by so doing passing the intended idea to the viewer (The Naked Kiss). That being the case, the use of such tools in film editing and production can be effective in promoting its quality and manner in which the message is passed across to the viewer.

The use of color and lighting is very striking in this film. The director has used different variants of black and white color schemes to for different scenes. This has helped in developing the tone and also elucidating on the intended message. Camera movements have been used in this film to underline the specific actions taking place in each and every single scene. The same is also significant in highlighting the specific area of interest where the viewer is expected to take a keener interest. As well, the time felt or experienced by a character within a film has also been revealed using expert editing and such camera movement (The Naked Kiss). The lighting approach in the film has also been effective in establishing the specific modes and thereby acting as an elemental 'mise en scene'.

The use of angles during capturing is always useful because they help analyze the subject matter contained within the frame of the screen. This helps determine the distance of the object from the camera and the viewer's perspective. In this film, every different shot has been attributed to a given effect and purpose (The Naked Kiss). The use of such distances from the camera has therefore been useful in representing perspective.

Camera angles applied in this film are descriptive of character judgment and objectivity. The most symbolic item is usually presented as close as possible to the camera, and usually on the left. Basically, we will agree that the film has embraced the use of camera movement as a way of telling a series of different events taking place in the film. This is used to move from one shot to the other in order to ensure the viewer is carefully informed of the unfolding events in the film (The Naked Kiss). Fast cuts have also been employed in this film thus making it effective and possible to pass the intended message to the viewer.


The use of the above tools is significant because it has helped tell the story to the audience. The viewer notes the major scenes and how they have been presented using different lighting, color and camera movements. This aspect combines different ideas and expectations of the director thereby making it possible to deliver the message. The use of costumes with specific colors helps in establishing the culture, traditions and societal attributes. The above tools have therefore been effectively used in the above films to make it easier to explain the intended purpose and message to the viewer. Although these films were produced long time ago, they still embrace the use of visual elements as a way of telling a story to the intended audience.


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