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The letter grading system started in the United States in 1883 at Harvard University and it was a B. This system is the most commonly used index in the educational system and it uses five letter grades (A, B, C, D, and F), A being the highest. Grading a selective system of the university or college provides information on how well students are learning, value of the work accomplished, the encouragement of good work by students, and selection of people for continued education or reward (Postman, 17). I think the University of Washington should adopt a letter-based grading scheme.

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Main Claim 1

Firstly, the University of Washington should use the letter grade scheme which is comfortable since you can still give a test that is scored numerically then assign cut-offs for letter grades based on what scores seem to indicate the different mastery levels (Erickson and Strommer, 200).

Letter grades are good since they can be able to show both the percentage and grade of the student and in the end it determines overall mastery level the student attained.

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Letter grade scheme used in Washington University is specific in that, a student is given an A, A-, B, B-, B+, C, C-, and C+ and so on depending on how strong his or her mark is. This type of senility is good since a student is able to rate him/herself accurately thus will be able to determine the weak areas and work on them thoroughly bearing in mind the target h/she wants to achieve (Christopher, 94).

Main Claim 2

Secondly, the letter grading scheme would be appropriate for Washington University because it does not cheat students on the credit they deserve to have as compared to the GPA system which subjects students to pressure from parents yet the teachers are the ones with the mistake (Cohen, 24).

This grading scheme is administratively convenient since with the increase of technology teachers do not use scientific calculators in computing the students mark and as such changing their lives by making their work much easier.

UW administration is sure of not getting any complaints pertaining marks awarded as compared to the GPA system which has an arbitrary evaluation system and is outmoded (Greenwald,1184). 

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Main claim 3

Lastly, letter grading scheme is mostly used for law school students and range from A+ to F. If one uses the GPA it will be difficult to tell who the strongest student is (Jesweit, 18).

Student doctors are graded so as to provide information on how they are learning, value of the work accomplished the encouragement of good work by students and selection for continued education or reward (Manhire, 27).

They are also assessed on their performance level hence if one is not competent he/she will have to re-do the course.


I recommend that letter grading is the best to use in University of Washington since students are given a warning each time h/she makes a mistake (Jacob and Chase, 319).

In a case like this a bright student will see it best to be serious in his/her work or else loose a chance of being a better person in future (Levine and Cureton, 125).

To students, this is an advantage to them since when he or she is about to loose hope then someone else gives him/her another chance. The student also has hope for a brighter future.

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