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‘The Metamorphosis’ by Franz Kafka is a story about Gregor Samsa who, when he awoke from a troubling dream found himself transformed into a verminous bug. This transformation immobilized Gregor, causing him to stop working and to be confined in his room and finally rejection from his own family especially his father and mother. However, the most important question that has been asked is whether Gregor is really a bug. The answer to this question lies in the analysis of the characters of Gregor. In consistent with these, Gregor is not a bug.

Whereas his body had been transformed the thinking process of Gregor was still intact. Consequently, Gregor thought more as a human being than as a bug. For instance, on the morning after his transformation, Gregor was able to realize that something was wrong with him and that he had not been able to hear the alarm in the morning. More so, his memory was perfectly clear as he understood his responsibility at home and at his workplace and knew that his boss would send someone to come and look for him (Kafka, 2002).

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Reading through the story, one can also realize that Gregor had characters that were more human than that of a bug. For instance, he felt lonely, and missed his mother. On the other hand, he realized that inasmuch as he was a human being in his past life, he was ugly now and could not allow people to look at him. He even went into hiding when he realized that the sight of him was horrible.

Of particular importance is the fact that it is only his body that had changed, thus altering the environment he was used to. However, his memory was perfect. Speaking figuratively, Gregor was not a bug since he was willing to work and earn something for himself even when his boss thought that he had chosen not to go to work intentionally. Finally, it is imperative to mention that he had a genuine reason of not going to work; and that was his ability to not move, unlike most employees who used sickness as a way of evading work. Therefore, analyzing both perspectives of Gregor, i.e. from his physical and character perspective, Gregor is not a bug.

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