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Some people don`t believe in destiny, but there are those who do. When the passes of two people cross, their meeting will last on their memories for a long time. No matter how long it takes, no matter how old one could get, time would never erase the imprints that these memories left to a person's mind and emotions. This and more is shown from the movie The Notebook ' directed by Nick Cassavetes.

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It describes one of the most amazing stories of love. Someone will surely say that such things do not happen in a real life: mutual feelings to the grave and for a long life. Even those who do not believe in the healing power of love will change their mind after seeing the picture about a woodcutter and a girl from an educated family, who made each other's lives unbearable, but simultaneously could not exist without the eyes and hands of a loved one. This film is worth seeing, at least once, due to the poignancy of the plot, which will be able to convince even the most callous person that real love exists and it can touch each person at any time, regardless of their origin and level of earnings.

Nowadays young love is frowned upon and most people say it's an immature love that will not last forever. The Notebook counteracts this idea and shows how anything is possible. The chance to be together for Noah and Allie was very low due to the fact they grew up in different social classes, and that they were only 17 at the moment they fell in love. It is an ideal relationship that most men cringe on the thought of. Marrying your high school sweetheart or your college boyfriend is what we all dreamed about. This movie portrays anything bad ever said about young love. It shows it is possible and it is miraculous when you have it.

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The movie “The Notebook” tells a viewer a love story of Noah and Ellis, who managed to carry their vibrant feelings, tenderness of which survived to a ripe old age through the turn of farewells and resentment, injustice and falsehood. This film underlines that true feeling cannot disappear due to anything, even due to memory loss. An old man is reading entries from a notebook to a gray-haired woman, describing every detail eloquently and clearly, all the moments from a past life. Even though she remembers nothing since her past memories vanished like mist in the morning horizon, she is interested in the continuation of the story.

As we know, in any film the plot and quality of actors` playing are very important. Speaking directly about the movie “The Notebook”, one can say that the writers did their best presenting the audience with such an interesting and exciting story, not similar to many others. Namely, it should be stressed that throughout the story, directors carry one important aspect: a romantic hero is presented in many melodramas, but still not every movie is aimed at a life-long representation. While watching the movie “The Notebook”, there is an impression that it simply has no flaws. Two hours have passed on a single breath, every moment captures more and more with a desire to know what will happen next. Involuntarily, a viewer begins to penetrate into the meaning of the story. He/her guesses and compares the basic idea to a real life in which these feelings are only few cases per million. Thanks to this film people begin to appreciate what they have at the moment and stop looking for some non-existent ideals. It becomes clear that nothing in this world can be more important than this overwhelming love that captures the heart with a bright and insatiable passion turning into friendship and respect for each other. This film conveys a romantic ideal, which is not similar to any others, which strikes with their unreality; this time it is a real life personality with strong feelings and real life troubles and obstacles.

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Looking at the screen, a viewer at once starts to believe in everything. The author pictures a beautiful romantic hero. This is a special romantic hero who does not want to kill everyone to prove his love, but he shows his feelings through his deeds. They love each other more than life, and perhaps, that is why it is so hard to cross the line of platonic relationship. This film shows a real life situation: they should have been together but due to obstacles and their careless attitude they lost it all. Further, the film shows reality: studies in an elite college led to meeting a new love and a loss of the best friend.

This amazing love story showed a classical view of love, how you fight for your feelings and yet things don’t go your way. But afterwards, you will be with that person in the end. This movie promises its viewers a glimpse of what it was to be in love at a time like Allie’s, with vivid scenes that could move anyone, and surely melt the hearts of the people who believe in destiny

“The Notebook” is a perfect love story where they loved each other, and died on the same day. It is a wonderful love story, with beautiful and charming actors, whose first feeling could not be extinguished by life, despite separation, war, and bans of parents. The plot can be guessed almost immediately, but that does not make it worse. In fact, every viewer might recognize himself/herself in some characters more and more often: in Alley, a seventeen-city girl who fell in love crazily with a country boy, or Noah, one guy who wrote her letters every day during years after her departure. Heroes (of course, idealized as the whole story) force to empathize and to be interested in their fate. The touching and heartfelt film is designed in the style of beautiful and kind.

This film is like a fairy tale, but in spite of that, by the end there is a doubt that all will end well, as it should result in a love story. However, these are a lot of such beautiful stories which often end in tragedy. It would seem that this is not the case, but is everything so well? Ultimately, their lives did not end the way they would like. It is unfortunate people can forget what they survived, especially when the past is so touching and beautiful.

“The Notebook” isn’t just a film for women. It’s a movie for anyone who wants to get lost in a beautiful story, for anyone who believes romance is still alive.

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