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Ulrich Trumpener’s article reveals that the use of gas chemicals in weapons started long before the Ypres salient attack. Both sides of the army were engaged in the use of gases earlier than the April 15th  1914 attack. The Germans and the French troops had various experiments going on in their military labs. In is actually true that both sides had previously used gas components in hand grenades and shells. The author argues that the Ypres salient attack was different because of use of more poisonous gas.

 The author gives a brief chronology of how the Germans had previously used gas weapons. He says that the Ni-shells made in 1914 had components of irritants and suffocates installed in them. In 1914, Russians were attacked with shells that are believed to contain gas poisons. This was part of the early experimentations carried out by the Germans. The Russian attack did not yield fruit because of environmental interference. The cold winter could not allow the gas to spread and suffocate. These evidence shows that the use of chemical weapons started long before the Ypres salient attack.

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How the Article Impacted On My Perception

I have realized that army commanders are often dictatorial in their decisions. I was surprised to learn that some army officials and the infantry men actually opposed the use of chemical weapons on the war front. Crown prince Rupprecht is quoted to openly oppose the use of chlorine in the Ypres salient trenches. He expressed fear that the enemy would also start using the poisonous ammunitions. The author reveals that the decision to use poisonous chlorine on the war front was to be a short term move. I was also excited to learn that some of the German soldiers died from the chlorine gas weapons intended at their enemies. This is a great level of miscalculation on the side of the Germans.

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