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Serge Trifkovi%u0107 wrote “Sword of the Prophet: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam” in order to highlight the real potential danger of the Islamic religion to the Western life-style due to the essential increase of the Islamic protest against the Western values which had particularly rocketed after the end of the Cold War. The major danger lies in the lack of a clear division of religious practices and governmental functions. The whole Europe as well as the American continent had faced the problems that could be created when the church and the state are one whole and religious belief make its own rules for the whole society, undermining the equal of rights, spreading discrimination, false beliefs and deprive people of the conscious, logical, and innovative thinking by their pre-distinguished order.

On the other hand, Brian Farmers tried to show the positive sides of Islam and outline that the Moslems are not the same everywhere: The Islamists are radical in their beliefs and the majority of the issues which is observed throughout the whole world is because of them and not because of the ordinary Moslems who are like Christians – simply performing the rules of their Holy Book. The Islamists cannot imagine the slightest possibility which will lead them to the separation of the state and church, as for them Islam is a mode of life, it is, actually, the very life as they dedicate all their days to serving Allah and doing everything in the way which is written in the Quran. The whole nations are subordinated to the wisdom of Allah going through the days as the constant members of the entire Islamic community, questioning greatly the ability of the non-Moslem state to rule over their political life.

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People have got used to rely on the will of Allah so much that they do little, if any, things that are not connected with religion. Islam is their savior as well as the main factor which causes the most serious issues and conflicts within the country and on the international level, too. Serge Trifkovi%u0107 regards this as a significant problem for Western Europe, where the Moslem population constitutes over 50 million Muslims, and about 9 million in the United States.

Since the terroristic attacks that shook the United States on the 11th of September, a lot of books have been published aiming at providing a good explanation of the religion whose name forced or triggered the terrorists to act so ferociously. The majority of these books tackle a well-known theme that tries to figure out what real Islam is, and how it is different from the fundamentalist multiplicity of the hijackers discovering that Islam, in fact, is a peaceful religion that promotes tolerance, culture, charity, and freedom no less than Christianity. According to Brian Farmers, any blood-shedding, terroristic, and particularly violent act can be justified by the Islamists who explain the radical political actions through religious terminology; in other words, they use the most extreme and very deep Islamic beliefs which are far from the free practicing of this religion by many other Moslems who do not aim to hurt people and are frequently identified as the Islamists and, therefore, highly discriminated in the prevalently non-Moslem countries.

Serge Trifkovic attempts to disclose the true nature of Islam and show the whole world how wrongful and hypocritical the Moslems’ beliefs are, changing greatly from what is written in the Quran and other religious teachings. Islam is far from just the way of praising the god, however, it is also a powerful tool of influencing the minds of millions of people making them commit serious crimes as well as posing a significant threat to the overwhelming amount of the non-Moslems who especially live across Europe and America. However, he is mainly referring to the facts created by the Islamists, and which are often even not supported by other Moslems.

To change the situation, Trifkovic presents to the readers blatant, "politically incorrect" facts about Islam, taking into consideration such shocking truth as concerning Mohammed, its founder; its ascend through extremely bloody invasions; the brutal treatment of women; theft, murder and lust; constant persecutions of Jews, Christians, Hindus and all other "infidels;"; the gigantic myth of the well-talked-through cultural "golden age" which, in truth, was demolishing for the Christians; the sanctioning of deceit, Islam’s devotion to the global domination by any possible means; the vast band of the political, military, spiritual, and moral struggle which is impending on people; and the instructions how to live if the humanity wants to survive.

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Thus, it is not correct to say that Islam is the same everywhere, as Brian Farmers tries to point out. For example, if to compare present-day Iraq with today’s Egypt, we would see a drastic difference between the two of them. This difference is, first of all, revealed through the behavior and appearance of women. In modern society the Egyptian ladies limit their contacts with the other men by gender segregation at work, schools, and recreation and also by veiling. The practice of withdrawing girls from schools, especially in Upper-Egypt, when they reach puberty in order to limit their interaction with boys, is common. The men of the lower class prefer to marry women who have lived a secluded life and not worked or attended high school.

Most work places which women hold are such as janitors, medical aides, domestic servants, street cleaners, hotel servants. In 1990 females accounted only a bit more than 12 % as industrial workers, mostly in food processing, textiles, or pharmaceutics and even less amount of those engaged in such spheres as engineering, technology, and science. Nevertheless, job discrimination is clear even in the civil sector.

Marriage has always been an extremely important and quite a private affair. That is why there are only a few records of marriage. Moreover, not all marriages are arranged, it is more about the daughters persuading their families to approve their future husbands. For females it is very common to get married after they start menstruating. The married women are usually highly acknowledged. Usually, daughters are considered married when they leave their father’s house. It is acknowledged that even when the woman is married, her husband is not her legal guardian and she is independent to control her own assets. According to the Islamic law, the man can still have up to four wives while the woman may have only one husband. The Quranic text presupposes that this is done to protect the orphans.

To divorce a woman in Islam, the Muslim man should simply say ‘I divorce thee’ three times with some witnesses. A woman can divorce a man when her husband fails to provide her maintenance, if he happens to get some contagious or very dangerous disease, if the man left the woman, and if he treated his wife in a bad way. And this reform was accepted comparatively recently in 1929. Before, the woman could divorce her husband only when he became impotent.

The fact which terrified me the most about the situation in Egypt was when I found out that according to the polls which took place in 2010-2011, 80 % of native women claim to be sexually harassed by their Egyptian husbands, the same happens to the 98 % of foreign women. What is even more striking the two-thirds of men there admits that they harass women.

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The other unpleasant fact is that circumcision is still practiced in Egypt. The majority of women who had this procedure done, thankfully, decline nowadays. The issue was first internationally brought up to the public eye when the CNN broadcast one program which featured a young girl who was circumcised by an ordinary barber from Cairo. The waves of protests arouse which made the president of Egypt recognize that such an operation must be forbidden by the People’s Assembly. It was banned. But despite it, it is still conducted in the country. The Islamist groups oppose that if this operation is not practiced on women than when she reaches puberty and is still not married, she will be sexually tempted. The same goes with spinsters. They say that if their daughters are not circumcised, not a single man will marry them. The worst from it all is that usually this practice is conducted by unprofessional people, and as a result a number of various medical problems and infections are the outcome.

The third fact which can shock anyone, especially woman, who is far from the laws of Islam, is that Egyptian women have to wear the hijab – clothes which covers their whole body leaving open only the oval of the face and palms (which are covered by some women, too). This is explained as the need to protect a woman from harassment and violence which she can encounter in the streets. Many women cover even their whole faces, leaving open only eyes which are sometimes also covered with the transparent or netted piece of fabric. Despite this, the harassment level is very high in Egypt.

All these facts prove Serge Trifkovic’s theory on the danger to the human rights that the Islamists present. The examples of the extensive discrimination of the women’s rights are just a small constituent part of a much larger violence and hidden meanings in the actions of the Moslems. Egypt together with Afghanistan is a bright piece of evidence that clearly and accurately shows what the world can face when the spread of Islam continues.

The author outlines the list of main disclosing facts about Islam which should alert everyone who understands all the lies and wrong-doings of the Islamists that are hidden under the veil of tolerance, peace, and love for Allah. For the Moslems these facts are shocking, disgusting, horrifying, and totally false, however, they were deceived during many years by their governments and imams who carry out a mission that aims at spreading Islam to gain power, no matter what happens.

Therefore, the most interesting research materials will be as follows: Mohammed ordered to murder at least 27 people; Mohammed permitted temporary marriages for soldiers at battles which allowed them to satisfy their natural needs in sexual intercourse; One-fifth of the war loot was given to Mohammed; The Prophet had 25 wives, one of them was only six when he married her. At that time, the Prophet was 54, and three years later he divorced the girl; Mohammed had slaves as the Quran allows to buy them or make them from the people of the country defeated at war; Even rape, looting, ransom, and pillage are permitted when they are for the “holy war” or jihad, as it is known among the Moslems; Islam’s mercy and charity are spread only on the Moslems; The most heinous crimes and sins can be justified by “the will of Allah” as the law is not fixed; Islamic understanding of paradise is quite specific and down-to-earth, including various sensual pleasures like sex with young boys and virgins.

The stunning fact for any logically thinking person (though, there is no even need for logic – so clear and simple the data are) will be about Saudi Arabia which announced in 1993 that the Earth is flat and any person who thinks in a different way is an infidel and should be punished appropriately. Islam has some similar features to Communism: Being unable to foster prosperity, it relies on unearned wealth (for example, oil) and plunder. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is considered to be the most intolerant Moslem country which strictly forbids any other religion practicing apart from Islam as during Mohammed’s days.

Islamic sole recognition of the theocratic regime and the rejection of any other type of governmental authority pose the main problem to the whole Western community as it definitely restricts the freedoms and rights of many people, putting their lives into frames which cannot be trespassed, and any dissidence to the established theocratic rules should be strictly punished. In 1997, according to Serge Trifkovic, the Islamic prayer was delivered to the national House of Representatives by the first imam who stated that one day the Moslems would be able to replace the constitutional government with their caliphate which would mean the end of democracy and liberalism.

On the contrary, Farmers tries to justify the Moslems by saying that these Islamist groups would not even appear if the American and European governments attempt to be more understanding and less discriminating against the Moslems. The Islamists develop as a response to the harsh actions against them and their beliefs and customs of the non-Islamic communities.

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