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Free «The Unexamined Life» Essay Sample

Socrates’ Meaning and its Application on Our Lives

Socrates talked about “unexamined life” during his trial whereby he chose death over other forms of punishment. In reference to our lives and culture, Socrates asserts that people need to have a purpose in life in order to achieve their goals. Thus, this means that people who examine their lives in terms of where they have been and where they are heading. They are happy people because they know how all elements fit in their lives. In addition, Roscoe (2007) says that examining one’s life creates freedom as a person can get to schedule his time.

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Truth Behind “Unexamined Life”

It is true that “unexamined life” is not worth living. There are myriad reasons that indicate why unexamined life is not worth living. Firstly, a life that is not examined denies a personal freedom because all the actions that a person will undertake are unplanned for and are better described as spontaneous. Thus, this explains why some people reach an essential time in their lives when they are not prepared for the changes that time avails. Secondly, unexamined life is not worth living because it lacks direction. Soccio (2009) points out that it is essential for people to examine their lives in order to determine where they have gone wrong in the past and avoid the exact mistakes. Thirdly, unexamined life denies a person’s identity; thus, it is not worth living. Examining one’s life enables an individual to decide what he or she wants to become and set a challenge of starting to work towards achieving that goal. Roscoe (2007) indicates that a person that  does not examine his or her life lives only for the moment, and such people do not care what they become in the future. This proves that a life which is not examined is not worth living.


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