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This is a story about an African American woman (Janie) in her early forties who is telling her story concerning her life via an extended flashback to her best friend (pheoby). She intends to tell her story to her friend for her to narrate the story to the nosy community on her behalf. Thus this paper is helping us to analyze by comparing and contrasting the story according to how it was written in the novel and how it was acted in the movie. (Hurston 126) The novel tells us of how Janie's nanny, who was a slave and became pregnant by her owner and gave birth to her daughter (Leafy), the novel continues to show us how Janie's grandmother tried to create a life for Leafy but unfortunately she ends up being raped by her school teacher and thus giving birth to Janie.

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Janie's mother becomes an alcohol addict and starts staying out till late at night and hence ends up running away and this is when the Nanny transfers all her hopes from Leafy to her granddaughter Janie. The novel and the movie also tells us of how Nanny found Janie at the age of sixteen kissing a neighborhood boy (Jonny Taylor) and thus fears that Janie would become a mule to some man and thus ends up arranging for Janie to get married to an older man (Logan Killicks) and a farmer who was looking for a wife to keep in his home and help on the farm and not a lover.

It is also very clear both in the movie and the novel that at the time that her Nanny improvised her to get married, Janie was not interested as she believed that marriage involved love as opposed to her Nanny whose intention to her granddaughter was to have the kind of things she never had a chance to own and thus wanted her granddaughter to have them on her behave. The belief by Janie that marriage is about love is perceived when she sees bees pollinating a pear tree and thus is led to believe that marriage is the human equality to the natural process. (Hurston 190) Unlike in the novel, the movie shows that Janie's grandmother dragged her into the house and warned her that she didn't want her (Janie) to be like her mother and thus Nanny ended up proposing her to marry the old man and thus Janie refuses as she's not ready for marriage, Janie in the process gets slapped across the face by her Nanny and thus runs to the nearby lake and lays there floating as she looks out into the sky and thus begins watching God.

At long last Janie agrees to get married to Logan Killicks and starts managing their sixty acre land until one day that Logan discovers that they need another pier, Janie asks Logan if she could accompany him to Hamilton to look for the plier but instead is denied and demanded to look after the farm. The movie furthermore shows that after Logan had gone to Hamilton, Janie encountered with Joe and how they conversed to the point of Joe proposing that Janie should accompany him to a place that would become a town. (Collins 100)Janie at fast Janie refuses but later after conversing with her husband in the night she decided to follow Joe the following morning, this is also comparable according to the novel. The movie also shows us that Joe and Janie arrived at Eatonville Florida as a married couple and they found out that Eatonville was a town that had been barely developed and thus Joe buys more land from Caption Eaton and thus becomes the mayor of the town.

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The novel on the other hand shows that the couple arrived at Eatonville and found the residents devoid and motivated and thus arranged with the neighboring landowner to purchase more land, Joe also goes to the extent of hiring some local residents to build a store for him to own and run it and thus he ends up being appointed as the mayor of the town. This event leads Janie to find out that Joe actually needed her as a medal wife as he wanted the image of his perfect wife to strengthen his powerful position as this is seen where he asks her to run the store but forbids her from participating in the significant social life that occurs on the store's front porch. (Collins 134)

The movie shows that the locals came up as a team and constructed a newly built Eatonville that represented a descent town and Joe built a two story home for both him and his wife and a shop for them to run their business. After the completion of the constructions, a feast is held for the new mayor and the ladies of Eatonville mend a dress for Janie but instead Joe orders an outfit for her from Orlando as he wanted her to look the best as she was a mayor's wife. In the event that Joe had finished giving his speech, Amos Hicks shouts from the audience that the mayor's wife should also give a speech, instead Joe denies her that opportunity as he narrates that he did not marry her to give speeches. (Collins 120) Although this encounter is not encountered in the novel.

The movie also shows how Janie and Joe got into an argument and in front of the locals, this hurt Joe and thus he smacked her across the face and as she falls down, her friend Phoeby comes to comfort her and goes to the extent of offering her a place to sleep. The story also shows that Janie visited her dying husband to thank him for all his generosity in her marriage, she narrates to him that although she gained class but was not allowed to create her identity, Janie also declared to Joe that even in his last moments of life he doesn't allow her to love him but instead controls her, this is also clarified in the novel. The novel and the movie show that after Joe's death Janie removed her scarf and stated that for once she felt free as the scene drifts off into Janie entering a lake which symbolized her freedom.

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The  movie show that once when Janie was working alone in the shop, the gentleman introduced himself as Mr. Tea Cake , he introduces Janie to new things such as fishing, playing Checkers and also gun shooting. (Linde 100) They start hanging out together much more often until one day when Phoeby announces her worries to Janie for her involvement with Mr. Tea Cake. Janie does not give into Phoeby's contradictions concerning Tea Cake and thus ends up running away with him. The novel on the other hand shows that after Joe's death Janie got a number of suitors but only Tea Cake managed to woo her, this was possible as he played the guitar for her and thus she ended up selling the store and thus run away with him.

The novel also shows how Janie and Tea Cake planted and harvested beans and the way they had their ups and downs, jealousy and thus Janie had life of marriage with love just as she had wanted. The movie on the other hand narrates how Janie volunteered into becoming a working woman by helping Tea Cake to pick cucumbers in the field. And thus for the first time Janie felt that she was living her life because she had her freedom and real love in her marriage. (Linde, p90)

Both in the movie and the novel, it is seen that while Janie and Tea Cake were fishing, a few Indians pass by and warn them that they were going to high grounds as the storm was coming and thus offered to give them a ride but decided to stay in Everglades to continue working .During the storm they stay at their home and converse as Janie expresses her love to Tea Cake, unexpectedly, a hurricane crashes into their home and takes both of them. The movie shows that while Janie was swimming around the water looking for Tea Cake, a dog tried to attack Janie but Tea Cake attacked it from behind and thus he gets the bite.

On the other hand the novel narrates that Tea Cake was bitten by a rabid dog while trying to save Janie from drowning and thus ends up contracting the disease and as he ultimately tries to shoot Janie with his pistol, but instead she shoots him with a rifle in self-defense. The novel goes to the extent of analyzing of how Janie was charged of murder and how Tea Cake's black male friends opposed her while a group of white women supported her, this in the end led the jury to acquit her innocent, in the end Janie gave Tea Cake a prolific funeral and his friends also forgave her and also went to the extent of wanting her to live in Everglades but instead she preferred to go back to Eatonville only to find the residents gossiping about her.

The movie on the other hand showed that Tea Cake started felling awfully sick and as the doctor checked on him; he announced that he had rabies and thus needed immediate medical check-up in a county hospital. As life went on, Tea Cake's condition worsened and thus once as he woke from an awful dream Janie saw a gun under his pillow. Thus as Tea Cake went to the restroom, she took three bullets from the gun and left three in it, as days went by, Tea Cake worsened and thus once when a car came by to their house he thought that Janie was running away from him and thus started shooting at her and this is what led Janie to shoot back in self-defense and thus killing Tea Cake in her own arms. Thus some parts of the movie and the novel differ but not very much as most scenes are similar.

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