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Hearing about China reminds almost everyone of the definite times that define the Asian culture in the pages of human history. From the days of development of China towards its current state, there is one particular mark that makes their people and the country itself from the other areas of the world, their culture. Preserved through times, China never forgets of its roots of definition, its roots. Even though the age of development has already embraced most of the major cities of China, it could be observed that somehow, their culture and their traditions never cease to affect the life of the majority of the people living in the country. (Weiss, 1973)

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This is especially seen in the city of Shanghai. Through the years, Shanghai has become one of the vessels of Chinese culture. Basically, this is the fact that defines the inclusion of Shanghai among the most well developed yet deeply culturally rooted cities in the country (Franz, 1920). Through the years of development, Shanghai administrators have gone through times of progress that lead them to where they are right know, a well-developed city with everything to offer to the world. Teaming with tall structures, wondrous night scenes and basically an industrial source of income for the people, the city is able to create more possibilities of life development in the country. (Franz, 1932)

For the tourists though, having all these material things around the city might seem to be a bit overwhelming already. This is because of the fact that almost every country around the globe practically boasts about its urban life progress. So, what sets Shanghai apart from other cities? It is basically the city’s culture. Although well-developed and embraced by material presentations of wealth and advancement, Shanghai still creates a massive definition of China’s culture from the olden times. This is especially seen through their villas that even tourists are welcomed to use. In this study, a focus on how culture tourism boosts the beauty as well as the economy of Shanghai shall be discussed. With the use of different materials, both researched and advertised; a comparison of what Shanghai China is in real terms and in marketing approaches shall be examined. Also, through a guided research, this composition of written study shall create a more vivid discussion of how properly created is Shanghai’s presentation of the Chinese culture from then until now. A bountiful knowledge about cultural tourism shall be the researcher’s guide in creating a more definite approach in tackling the different issues that are affective on the topic being given focus in this study.

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In this study, the researcher aims to portray through discussion how Shanghai China is marketed to a wide community of tourists from all around the globe. Hence, in a concise statement, this research aims to promote culture tourism in Shanghai. Through the identification of the role of the Shanghai Villas in assessing this particular possibility of introducing the city towards the world, the researcher shall try to search on how much possible it is for the regular Chinese marketing to take on the challenge of inviting individuals to come and visit the city through utilizing its culture seen through the villas as a primary inviting interest.

To be able to come up with an effective approach in discussing the different issues that are to be handled in this study, these questions shall stand as the primary guiding lines that are sure to provide clear understanding of what the entire research is going to be about:

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(a)If cultural tourism is considered an important part of the modern tourism industry, how could Shanghai, a traditional city in China, be able to withstand the challenge of the modern tourism industry through marketing their culture if they are currently under the major influences of colonial thinking that comes from the western areas of the world culture?

(b)What are the Shanghai villas and how are they considered to have a good a sense of contemplation in the field of modern tourism as the primary feature presentation of the original culture that first spurred in the city?

(c)If the villas bring forth the best original culture that China has, what particular characteristics of these homesteads actually bring about the interest among the vacationers as an invitation towards visiting the area?

(d)What particular kind of culture is Shanghai showing the world and how does it actually prefer the different kind of approach in cultural tourism?

(e)In dealing with modern international competition of the current standing of commerce, it could be observed that somehow Shanghai is taking the fast chance of making a great name in the field of cultural tourism. Question is, how does the city ensure that it is at the top of the competition?

The issue of tourism and its industry has created a great opportunity for many cities that are under the developmental state of different developing countries around the globe to be marketed and somehow generate great sources of income for the city’s fund. This is a definitive indication that tourism is indeed an effective source of income for the people living in a city or a country where it is used to generate national GDP for the entire country. It highly interests the researcher that the instance by which he is able to measure the capabilities of Shanghai China to market itself as a highly cultural destination for tourists identifies the possibility of allowing cultural tourism be the basis of developing the sense of knowing and purpose among tourists around the globe.

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