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United States of America since it came into existence; faces the problem of illegal immigrants. Multiple laws have been formulated and implemented to curtail the situation of immigrants to the advantage of the country itself. Yet with each passing decade the on ground situation seems to vary, resulting in demand for revision of laws, to render the US society a just yet civilized society within the bounds of social respect, humanity and justice. In pursuit of the same the Dream Act was presented before the US senate, however if was declined from approval by majority of the house. The Dream Act was focused on present day immigrants considered illegal however when they came to USA along with their parents; they were infants.

At present it is considered just that such an individual on attainment of adulthood at the age of 18 should be asked to return back to his native homeland. However the spirit of the Dream Act is based on the philosophy that such an individual after passing his entire life in the US society and getting groomed in the educational and social institutes of the free land is as much acquainted to this culture as a normal US by birth citizen. Moreover at this stage when he is at the brink of transforming into a productive US citizen after completion of his education and social grooming, if he is asked to leave the country; this is not only un-ethical based on the values of US society, also it is discriminatory as his native place of ideology is equally unknown to him, and he would simply be a fish out of water back there. Such a demand is against the very spirit of US society.

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The article focuses on the implications of the Dream Act covering its economic and social effects. The Dream Act would relate to approximately 1.1 million illegal immigrants and would account for a 6.2 billion $ annually. As per the article it is foresighted that the advocates of the Dream Act state that it would result in economic benefit in short term, yet in the long term the government will have to spend much more than the present scale of economic consumption. The adverse effects of the act would arrive in terms of flooding of the job market that would make the situation worse than the 9.8% unemployment in US being observed presently. The educational institutes in USA present charge 50 to 70 % more from immigrants compared to local US citizens, as a result of the Dream Act this financial profit would be drastically reduced.

It would also affect the financial benefits of the families of war veterans and other government sponsored civic circles. The financial gain to the immigrants owing to their equality with respect to the local US citizens would also result in negative gain in two aspects. Initially they would have a financial and legal support to bring their families from their parent regions to USA itself. Moreover it would provide a large number of present day illegal citizens to file up their case under the Dream Act and seek an interim state of legality that would be beneficial to them. However this scenario would not be appreciated by those who follow a legal path to get US citizenship, at the expenditure of personnel finance and time. In the end the complete economic makeshift that would result after the application of the Dream Act would result in additional pressure on US tax payer and US economy.

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