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Don Juan is an orchestra made up of many musical instruments. The Don Juan composition is quite intensive in gist and content. The conductor is also coincidentally the actual composer of the whole orchestra. Mr. Richard Strass appears so deeply involved in this performance that he does not keep his eyes and concentration on his duty. He is also very passionate about the whole thing. He appears to like what he is doing. The right word could be that “he has fallen in love with the activity”. The instrumentalists are equally absorbed in their work. Every instrumentalist is very much into the play. Each appears to have mustered their part. I like this so much. I could not keep my eyes off the video soon after it commenced. This work is perfect.

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I then began to wonder on the content of the performance. What could the instruments be communicating? The message appeared so deep and emotionally stirring. I felt the tone strip deep into my heart. I had to consult so as to know the history of this performance. My feelings were not wrong. I realized that Don Juan was poem like presentation. The message was full of romance! It was telling a story of a womanizer who well known. The orchestra presenters had a facial expression that was purely romantic. I felt like the man had many mistresses in the team. I mean he had many ladies whom he was conversing with at different times. Each lady appeared to give in to his advances. Each lady was so convinced that the man could not lie.

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The audience was equally submerged into the whole presentation. Each person loved it all the way. Not one person appears to be talking to any other person in the hall. The appreciation and applause at the end tells it all. The presentation was a landmark. Even though it appeared complicated, not one instrumentalist erred. The satisfactorily maneuvered through the composition and delivered a wonderful presentation. The instrumentalists must have spent a lot of time on training.

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Symphony No.6 (The Pastoral) by Beethoven

Symphony no. 6 is an expression of a musician in love with nature. Beethoven captures the attention of the viewer by showing various pictures of nature. The music continues in the background was the pictures also flow one after another. The pictures are vividly selected to illustrate various images of nature. They flow from place to place with an illustration of seasons. This video is has a double impact to the viewer. One will like the pictures and another will like the music. I actually liked them both.  The music captures the audient from the word go. The sound of many instruments is so appealing. This music must have been intended for meditation and study time. One can play the music while viewing the pictures or when doing something else.

Beethoven symphony has many music instruments. Pianos, guitars, violins and pipes can be heard from the background. All the instruments are played in great coordination. The instrumentalists must have taken a long time to prepare for the presentations. They appear to be telling an inspiring story of determination and hard work. The music could also be illustrating the expression of joy and jubilation in a person who just wants to feel good. As a matter of fact, the joy and relaxation is made better by the flow of pictures on the video. The pictures are an exact representation of feelings of joy and jubilation. The composer appears to have a great love for nature. This presentation is quite refreshing.

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