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Whistle blowers are loved and respected everywhere in the planet because of their daring and courageous character. They go out of their way and risk their precious lives and reveal even the top most guarded secrets. It is an act that calls for a person with moral character and personal principles that cannot be corrupted. Whistle blowing brings to light various ill dealings that are practiced as a guarded secret by governments as well as organizations. The whistle blower is usually an insider in the government or the organization who feels compelled to reveal the secrets since he can't stand the feeling of guilt deep within his conscience.

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Enron vs Watkins

Watkins was an executive in this company and was bothered by the high cases of irregularities in the books of the firm. She acted by making known to the CEO of the company Mr. Lay of the situation at hand. Due to the bureaucracy practiced in various organizations, Mr. Lay failed to take action and the vice continued unabated. Mr. Lay and various other staff members knew of these wrong doings but were reluctant to find a solution. This is characteristic of various leaders in organizations since they benefit from corrupt dealings in organizations. Almost a year later, Watkins resigned from her position in the company. By this time the CEO had send her to a lower rank in the company in an attempt to make sure that she could not interfere with their dealings.

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Later on the firm collapsed under claims of unprofessionalism following investigations by auditors. Watkins retorted that the firm was not much different from others since most of the CEO's exercised bureaucratic practices in their firms and thus the views of their subjects had no room. The consequences of the acts of Enron were a lesson to various companies and this has helped many companies in the US to review their modes of operating and as a result of this and many other whistle blowing cases the level of bureaucracy has reduced.


Whistle blowing has a varying range of consequences from death threats loss of jobs and various others. Though dangerous, whistle blowing is of great importance to the society in that it helps in reducing the vices in governments and organizations.

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