Free «White Collar Crime» Essay Sample

The article discusses the case of white collar crime in New York County. The lawyer, Steven Rondos, stole 4 million dollars from his mentally ill clients. The defendant is a well-known 45 years old lawyer. “The investigation leading to today’s indictment revealed that RONDOS and his law firm engaged in a scheme to defraud 23 incapacitated victims, and the estate of one deceased individual” (District attorney: New York County 2009). The author allows consideration and speculation for causes and motivations of the defendant. There is little information about victims because of privacy concerns. The author clearly states that accounting principles in this area are not studied deeply enough to make unambiguous conclusions as for what persuades people to commit such crimes. And they are going to use the opportunities and to receive more than they have, to make more money (in both legal and illegal ways). One more thesis here is entitled economic marginalization thesis, and it consists in the opinion, that women tend to commit crimes more often, when their economic well-being declines. “RONDOS was legally obligated to manage and distribute funds as needed for the care of that person” (District attorney: New York County 2009). In general, it is clear that economic circumstances of offenders can be various, especially, when they commit white-collar crimes. And finally, the last thesis is the chivalry thesis which states that lawyers are treated more leniently by personnel of criminal justice establishments. But recently, the chivalry has declined require equality in all realms of their social lives (and as a result, they obtain stricter treatment towards offenders and more publicity concerning their crimes). Lawyers strive for success and refusal to compromise make them perfect offenders. The issue of lawyers committing white-collar crime is very controversial and difficult to judge unambiguously. The inclination of committing various at times very serious offenses depends on the positions lawyers hold, on the opportunities they have obtained during their moving up the career ladder, and on their character.

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