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Wireless technology has taken the world by storm in the recent years. However, there are a number of issues attached to the technology in the manner that it affects its users. There are different uses of this technology ranging from communication, keeping security, learning among many others. In order to understand how this technology affects people or its users, it is worth looking at the uses analytically. These effects are both positive and negative. They have been identified, and different information used to highlight some of their effects.

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Wireless technology is spreading and growing all over the world. According to Entner, 2008, the technology is said to spread to almost all parts of the globe. This means that people are adopting it for use in different ways. He asserts that the number of mobile communication devices hit the 4.6 billion worldwide with the revenues coming from this expected to hit well over one trillion United States dollars in 2012. Therefore, people using these devices should hence be aware of what is happening around them as much as the use of wireless gadgets is concerned. This is because it is common knowledge that such technological has both positive and negative impacts on the general life of the people. In addition, the United States Computer Emergence Readiness Team (US-CERT) acknowledges that the technology is also in a trajectory, implying that the trends are going to affect people in different ways. The most emphasized scenario in this case is security since the technology is considered helpful to the perpetrators of various online crimes. In addition, wireless technology affects the social setup, business, environment, and even human health.

The increase in the use of technology is also demonstrated by Rush (2010, p. 14) whereby he notes a similar trend among the business community. This implies that the effects of the technology are here to stay, whether they are negative or positive. The main issue that comes out of this is the fact that the technology is spreading too first, meaning that its effects are going to change in a similar manner.

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Security at both national levels and local levels are extremely important. According to the United States Computer Emergence Readiness Team (US-CERT) (2001), online crime is a threat to security. The body identifies the ability of hackers to get into the information systems illegally and with malicious intentions. This compromises computer security hence jeopardizing any efforts to fight online crimes. Most security threats that are enabled by wireless telecommunications are usually through the internet. According to a research conducted by the emergency body, online crime is also on the rise. This is because criminals of that nature are devising new methods of doing their business. Therefore, this makes it crucial to consider security issues as long as people use the technology. Although wireless gadgets technology is being used to commit crimes, it is also worth noting that the technology is being employed in various security improving applications. Wireless gadgets are installed in different places such as roads, cities and other public places for monitoring purposes. This has helped in boosting security of people especially in areas where security agents cannot have constant physical presence. This site reveals that ways in which wireless technology can be applied in monitoring security out do the negative impacts associated with the technology.

The publication be Council on Health Promotion (2011) asserts that wireless technology has had negative effects on people since its inception. However, the council notes that people have remained oblivious of the dangers and have continued to use the technology without necessary precautionary measures. Some of the most common effects of the technology come from the radio waves that are used for transmission. For instance, mobile phones have been associated with raid damage that is attributed to exposure of the vital organ to radio waves. Therefore, the council addresses the issue by highlighting a number of solutions approaches. Regulation is the most preferred method to minimize health related risks. In its submission, regulatory authorities should come up with regulatory measure such as limiting the frequency of the waves involved.

The Council on Health Promotion uses the united kingdom as an example to illustrate how regulation can be achieved, hence facing out any disconnect that may be existing between the problem and the proposed solution. The revelation of the stringent regulatory measures in the United Kingdom also proves the fact that this method can work effectively. This is perhaps the reason why the world health organization has not registered effects of such nature in that country.

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Similarly, the Council on Health Promotion sites environmental effects that the technology has, hence affecting people in different ways. However, the publication provides a rebuttal strategy that can be used to reduce these effects. Comparative studies done using the technology also reveal that wireless technology is advantageous compared to other similar technological applications. For example, studies have shown that wireless technology reduces mobile emissions when electronic toll collection systems are used in place of the traditional road toll plazas by up to 22 percent. This means that health impacts of old technologies can be reduced by significant margins hence improving life. In another comparative study, a Swiss researcher concluded that using the Internet as a means to relay news is more effective compared to using hard copy.

It is common knowledge that any product used b y a society is likely to affect the social set ups within that particular society. Kim et al. (6006, p. 78), agree with the fact that wireless technology has affected people in particularly many ways socially. The author notes that information is a formidable force that can affect how a society lives. In other words, lack or availability of information is key in determining how people live. Wireless technology is identified as one of those tools that enhance information flow. On this account, good or worthless information can flow from one place to another. Just as noted in this article, information has power, meaning that if it comes, as a negative, then the power can be negative or destructive too. This means that the entire social set up of the society can be influenced directly by how information flows. In addition, just as Rash (2010) reveals, information flow through wireless technology is being used to run businesses. The technology is indirectly affecting how people live because it touches on vital issues such as the economy this way. Therefore, this article presents a cogent insight of how wireless technology affects the social status of the society. Much can be drawn from these effects and analyzed alongside other effects. Social effects can also be injected through application of the technology in economic activities. According to Entner (2008), the year 2005 saw wireless technology contribute to the economy a whopping 6 billion dollars in for of returns and services offered. In other words, the presence of technology in the national economy cannot be ignored given the enormous amounts of money is involved. It is projected that this stake in the national economy will increase steadily in the near future because the number of people using the technology will increase from 68.5 million in 2005 to about 81.9 million by 2016 (Entner, 2008). Therefore, this source is rich in information about how the economy can be influenced by the technology and in terms influence the social status.

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