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Worldwide games

The games played worldwide are mostly seen during the event that only comes once in four years known as the Olympics. Though not all games played worldwide are included in this event, most of them are seen and the winning participants are awarded for it. The games seen include wrestling, boxing, jumping events, running races, swimming, javelin and discus throwing, judo, ball games, gymnastics, taekwondo, just to mention but a few. Different countries are known to be good in some of these games. For example, some African countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco and recently Uganda, have been known to be good with the long distance races. Countries like the U.S, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas and Nigeria are known to be good in the short distance races. The Asian countries are also good with the water events. However, anybody can win any event as long as they put the required effort and believe (Guttmann, 2002).

The Olympics

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The Olympics got its name from Olympia in Greece where the Olympics are believed to have started. These games are traced back to 776 B.C. In the beginning, the games had a religious perspective as they were associated to the Greek god Zeus, his wife Hera and son Heracles. Sacrifices were also offered in honor of them but as time went by; the religious perspective was abandoned and the games were adapted by the whole world as we experience it now (Guttmann, 2002).

The ancient games included running games for both short and long distances, pentathlon which was a combination of jumping events, throwing of a discus and javelin, wrestling and a running event. There were also wrestling, boxing and equestrian games. However, the Olympics came to an end either in the 6th and 5th centuries B.C when emperor Theodosius I ordered that all cults be banned as he considered these games a cult or in 426 A.D when Theodosius II destroyed all the Greek temples. The Olympics was later revived in the late 19th century and are held after every four years as it was earlier done (Guttmann, 2002).

Since then, the games have incorporated many other games, have been commercialized as sponsors are needed and they are held in other countries apart from the original country Greece. A different committee is put together to organize a different time of the games. Though the games were originally held in summer, there are winter-games that have been included which are held during the winter season of the year the Olympics are held. Other games known as the Paralympics are also had after the main Olympics are through in order to include the physically challenged people in the events. 

Examples of games/sports in the Olympics are athletics which are the most popular of them all, baseball, badminton, basketball, handball, volleyball (both the indoor and the beach one), gymnastics, swimming, football, cycling, boxing, wrestling, judo, softball, sailing, shooting, both table and lawn tennis, taekwondo, trampoline, weightlifting, just to mention but a few. These games are done both indoors and outdoors having some outside the stadium and others after the Olympics are through such as the winter games.

Martial Arts

Martial arts basically mean 'arts of war'. Their main aim is to defeat the other persons or protect oneself. Most of these arts have been incorporated with other spiritual aspects from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shinto or Confucianism. These arts can be classified as both an art and a science (Gifford, 2009). These arts vary but may concentrate on different areas depending on the particular fight. Martial arts can also be played as a sport and they are included in the Olympics. In this kind, the main of the game is to display one skill and defeat the opponent unlike in the others where once defense can lead to the other's injury or even death.

These arts are carried out with a certain discipline that is put in each and every participant or member. As the game starts (in martial sport), the participants take a bow or do a sign to show respect to the other party. Examples of martial arts include wrestling, judo, karate, taekwondo, boxing, Shuai Jiao, Kung Fu, Bando, Fencing, Jukendo, Muay Thai, Savate, Wing Chun just to mention but a few. Some involve the participants' bodies only while others involve the weapons too (Gifford, 2009). 


Judo is a type of martial art that originated from Japan in 1882. It was founded by Dr. Kano Jigoro where the main aim of the art is to push or put the other opponent down. One can force the other to submit by strangling/choking them or joint locking. The use of strikes by the use of the limbs or even weapons can be used sparingly i.e. in arranged forms but not in competitions and as major as the Olympics.

The literal meaning of Judo is gentleness. The art involves using an opponent's own force to defeat him/her. For example, if an opponent tries to push you, you can step aside and then use the foot to let them fall so that it seems as though you pulled them. The people practicing this art often wear white uniform which introduced by Dr. Kano in 1907. Such uniforms have been borrowed by other martial arts as seen today during arising competitions. The art's focus is mostly on the throws and the ground. As in other martial arts, one stands the risk of getting hurt or injured but can be used to defend oneself when need arises.

International sports federations teamed up and formed a form of contest known as the Olympics. This is where representatives from different countries go to the selected country to represent their country. Olympics are sponsored by several organizations and the winners are gifted with medals worth millions. This is one of the activities that influence unity and peaceful co existence worldwide. There are different sports that originated from different background that are adapted by the other and used for the competitions.


This is the sport whereby one uses a bow to shoot arrows. The people who practice archery are known as archers and the experts or the people who are fond of it are called toxophilites. Apart from being a sport, archery is also used for hunting and was used as a fighting technique by armies during wars in the 17th century. The bow is said to be first found in Ahrens burg valley in Germany in the late Paleolithic period. Archery was developed in Asia and later spread to other region. Muslims are known to be the people who spread this technique and was adapted in other people's cultures such as the Egyptians. Even after the invention of fire arms, most of the culture still believed in the superiority of archery. They combined archery with horseback riding and used it as a technique of attacking enemies during wars.

Nowadays archery has greatly developed and is among the admired sport worldwide. Archery is like any other sport whereby much practice leads to perfection. Although archery is not recognized as a form of sport in some countries, it is known and use for defensive purposes since it is legal to own bow and arrows without permit. Currently, archery is governed by the international archery federation (IAF) and derives its rules from the federation international de tir iarc (FITA). IAF invented modern bow and arrows that are similar to firearms. This has become safer and easier and even schools have adapted it as a form of sport. The federation is currently providing archery education session in school and has even sponsor students who are talented in this sport. However, archery is like any other sports where one have fun and the same time gaining more skills. This game is all about accuracy and following rules.

Martial art is a combination of different fighting techniques used for self defense and still developing fit bodies. Chinese people believe that martial art is one way of developing discipline and reducing anger. This has made it to be adapted in schools and other training institution, and children grow up learning the techniques. Martial art is divided into different categories such as judo, kickboxing, tae kwondo, karate among others.      

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Judo is a form of sport that is similar to wrestling that was founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigro. Jigro discovered that student were frequently injured when practicing martial arts with some moves from jujitsu and decided to form a safer sport. Although he used the same techniques he ensured that they were gentle and his students were not injured. Apart from being a form of sport, judo is also an exercising activity where the body becomes fit. Judo is also known to influences discipline to the people who practice it and one is able to live with other people in peace and harmony. Nowadays judo has spread almost everywhere especially in Asia and Europe. It is practiced in schools and is adapted by several federations. Judo is among the sports that are contested and represented by different countries in Olympics.


Boxing is a sport where one only uses the hands for punching the other opponent without using the legs. Boxing was founded in the 16th century in the United States but was not well practiced until in the 19th century. During those times boxing was believed to be a sport that should only be practice by men. Boxing is tough game and that made it to be feared by many people. Although people believe that boxing is a dangerous game nowadays the ladies have not been left behind and have decide to join the sport. Boxing is like other games and needs one to be determined especially when it gets tougher (Gardiner, S. (2006).

Boxing has spread all over the world even to the third world countries and has become one of the careers desired by many people. Currently the lady holding the title for world championship is from Kenya in Africa and is known as Conjestina Achieng. On the other hand, the man that has always been known as the iron fist is from United States and called mike Tyson. Boxing has become a worldwide sport and sponsorships are offered all over the world for the experts. It is a good paying job apart from being a sport; it also helps in body fitness and can be used for self defense. For example, in Kenya, several organizations have been training women and children these techniques for self defense, due to the rise in rape cases.

Tae kwondo

Tae kwondo is another form of martial art that was first developed in Korea and was later adapted by the Chinese and the Japanese. Tae kwondo is a combination of boxing, judo, and other techniques. In the ancient china, tae kwondo was used as a form of selecting a leader through contesting. The best was believed to be the best for governing the people and representing the in other contests. This is one of the admired sports that is same for children and can also be practiced by people off all ages.

Tic-Tac-Toe is a type of game that has been in existence from time in memorial. Most people around the world attribute its origin to Egypt. It is claimed that the game was in Egypt in 1300 B.C. it is believed that the diagram on which the game was played was drawn on the roof of the temple where Pharaoh was as a king. The evidence of its existence cannot be proved as it might have been destroyed with time and also with the effects of pollution. Other people have named this game as noughts and crosses. This name originated from the fact that this game is played through the use of noughts and crosses.

In the European nations, this kind of game is drawn on paper. Two players are allowed to be the first to play. Each mark own symbol of either an 'x' or 'o'. The main aim of each player is to set up either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal rows of the symbols. In Tic-Tac-Toe the moves of the game are aimed at a specific goal. The first to make a move is the most likely winner. The second player can also win depending on the kind of defense that is applied. However, the aim of conducting these sports is to bring harmony among different countries as well as promoting economic growth.

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