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Companies strive to ensure that their team structure enables their employees to be highly productive. Thus, from time to time companies may change their structures to improve efficiency and cope with the dynamic needs of the company. Cisco systems Inc. is an internet technological that changed its organizational structure to improve its efficiency. Prior to implementation of its current collaborative team structure, the company had a command and control structure that was proving inefficient in managing the day-to-day activities of the company. Cisco made a shift to the collaborative team structure in 2001. The company continuously refines the structure, to improve its efficiency (Davenport & Harding, 2010). Improvement in the decision making process and free sharing of knowledge and ideas with the employees is the main factors that led to improvement in the efficiency of Cisco’s operations.

The technology industry is a market segment that is continuously changing. Therefore, companies that are market leaders must ensure that they have decision-making mechanisms that enable them to make decisions in the shortest time possible. Command and control had many bureaucratic hurdles that made the decision-making process be long. However, collaborative team structure helped in improving decision-making speed (Kock, 2008). This was one of the main reasons for the improvement in the efficiency of the company, after implementing the collaborative team structure.

Collaborative team structure helps in improving the relationship between members of the organization. Collaborative teams ensure that there is appreciation of the input of each member, no matter how small it is. This enables organizations device various strategies that would improve their efficiency and productivity as employees within the teams express themselves free. This differs from the command and control structure that gives immense powers to team leaders. The team leaders may sometimes use this power to intimidate other team members. This ultimately leads to reduced productivity of the teams (Gaines, 2006). Free sharing of knowledge and ideas of employees of Cisco was one of the principal factors that led to improved efficiency in the operations of the company.

Cisco's implementation of the collaborative team structure, led to improvement in the efficiency of operations, due to the reduction in the decision making speed and free sharing of knowledge and ideas with the employees. However, in some instances implementation of this management structure may be detrimental to a company’s activities. The nature of activities that the organization undertakes determines the most efficient management structure to implement.


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