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The mode of communication has changed, thanks to technology. Communication is now more efficient and faster. Accessibility to many sources of information is also now more possible. Different aspects of society including; technology, art, sports, religion and other aspects of life interact through the media. This interaction is referred to as Cultural Convergence and it reflects how society is changing. The mode of communication, story telling and other information technologies are quickly changing our lives. This interaction is reflected in the way media is changing "When people take media into their own hands, the results can be wonderfully creative; they can also be bad news for all involved" (Jenkins, p.432).

One of the greatest impacts of technology is on the students’ life. Technology advancement has changed the student research environment in a number of ways. Personally, it has created in me positive as well as negative effects. For example, it becomes difficult to use the library if removed from an internet source. Libraries should thus be upgraded to be more students friendly. On the other hand, searching information on the net becomes faster and more efficient but, the problem of plagiarism is still on. This also limits the thinking capacity and destroys creativity. Technology advancement is two sided. One hand, it helps students to communicate freely and exercise democratic rights to criticize society. One the other hand it leaves the student to concentrate on too many things at a time living little space for academics. Furthermore, over reliance on the internet leads to lose of culture since some historical information is not stored in the net.

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Technology has helped many students to score high grades in school and complete many assignments on time. However this over reliance to the internet has led me to have low cognitive ability and lack of creative and critical thinking. Even the simplest task has to be solved via the internet including simple arithmetic that has to be solved using the calculator. Moreover, exposure to different technologies leaves one to have so many activities at a go. Almost every student now has a laptop, Ipods, a television set, a phone and many other communication devices. This leaves one to multi task. For example, when doing an assignment through the internet, I also listen to music, I communicate with my friends via face book, cooking, and I also have to work. Sometimes I don’t even have enough time to sleep. This condition can be referred to as “media-multitasking” (Simpson, web page)

This is a crisis in the school system. According to Joanne Simpson, It is phenomena that has rippled society and created tidal waves in the school system. Students are not able to complete their work on time yet they still demand for good grades. Reacting after an email received from a student, the professor says that, the students’ are not intentionally rude but the build up of work load in their lives is leading to this situation. “Students seem more distracted than disrespectful”. (Simpson, web page). This argument is true, by the time I attend class I am so tired and disoriented. This leads to poor health and irritability. This is why students are becoming rude to their lecturers. According to Simpson, this act of dividing the mind into many segments controlled by the internet leads to poor reasoning and socialization.

Socially, technology has enhanced communication through the phone and through social net works like twitter; however, this destroys face-to-face communication. I can communicate freely through the internet but when gathered in a social place, communication becomes a problem. This makes it difficult to enhance peer problem solving skills. Privacy is also interfered with since one can easily hack into your messages or send negative messages on your wall page where everyone can access into your world.

Technology has not only affected students and education. Media also affects our perception of the world. It is a way of converging different aspects of life. One way of converging society is through virtual space. This type of fun fiction gives insight into space. Science fiction is one way to access scientific information. But some are based on imagination. They include films like Harry Potter. “Children obsessed with Harry Potter or other popular properties may become unable to discern fantasy from reality” (Jenkins, web page). This type of media exposure leaves, especially the children, with poor interaction with the culture. An addiction to virtual space leaves one confused on facts about life. Some of the films are just created to make money. If they are not well criticized, children can be left under the influence of money makers who are not interested in moral development. Some films like ‘supernatural’ contradict Christian values and beliefs and parents should monitor what their children are watching.

In conclusion, technology is double sided. It has both positive and negative effects. Some of the positive effects include efficiency in communication and work. Negative effects include loss of creativity and reduction of the cognitive capacity. Other negative effects include wrong conceptions of the world and reduction in moral values. However, technology is very important in development since it has made life easier. It is how we use it that brings the negative impact. It is our duty therefore to be responsible in using technology. Have time for everything and do not try to achieve everything at one go. In the case of virtual space, it is our duty to appreciate media and criticize what is true and what is wrong.


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