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Information system is the combination of both hardware and software inputs; infrastructure as well a trained personnel in a manner that facilitate planning, control and the entire coordination of various operations based on a given enterprise. All this assist in the making of informed decision that helps in the viable management of an organization. Indeed, it refers to a collection of laid down procedures that aids in the organization of the day to day businesses of an organization. The system therefore ensures quick access to the necessary resources and proper networking within and without the organizational settings. Furthermore, all this helps incorporate the inputs of virtually all stakeholders in an organization the further aids in smoothening the management tasks through consistency and congruency of the organizational partners. This paper therefore seeks to analyze the information system of Corporation at the operational, organizational as well as the strategic perspectives.

Fab is one of the fastest expanding companies in the world. This company was initiated in the global scene by serial entrepreneur sir, Jason, Bradford, Shah and Deepa in early 2011. However, it took time before the company was officially instigated on June the same year. Currently, the company has a total of forty four main executive members. Its head offices are in the city of New York besides some other offices in Berlin and Pune. Indeed, the company boasts of over nine million customers worldwide who uses the company to discover the latest designs in the market. To offer these services, the company charges high prices to its client but holds customers as it is able to connect world’s most high-flying designers as well as sharing their blueprint inspirations (Boone, 2012).

Initially, the company faced a number of challenges before it could adequately capture and dominate the market through research aided planning and control as far as factual coordination of its operation which sums up to its improved information system. To achieve one of its main objective which lies in capturing the market through technological advances, the company laid down implementation strategies that would lead to the unveiling of its dreams. Indeed, the company engaged in thorough propagation of knowledge of designs with respect currency within the field in order to keep its clients up to date (Boone, 2012).

Fab’s marketing and development strategies are aimed at directing the company through the long-term philosophy and planning through the conduction of market analysis as well as the customers’ patterns and habits. To do this, the company engages both internal operational forces while its strategic plan guides it towards the investments of its resources towards the best market opportunities in order to expand the scope of the business and fortify their business model. This helps the business reach new-fangled customer base and enhances the level of their services to the existing clients (Boone, 2012).

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The company also employs various personnel who engage in vigorous aspects of analysis which includes: campaign reporting, predictive modeling, associate segmentation besides other analytical inputs aimed at promoting the core business of the company. This is perhaps one of the major roles of the company’s analysts which constitute the main operational framework of the company. Furthermore, the above activity helps the company identify the market trends in designs; understand the implication of the empirical data to its business; prepare for the customers’ responses and questions as well as helping the company to come up with a new interventions in order to revamp the market for their services. These activities are however carried out by a team of analysts who later passes the outcomes to the executive for recommendations and the consequent steps towards making installation of the best practices towards the improvement of the business performance. These activities are pivotal since they help the company to become the novel model in e-commerce sector (Boone, 2012).

At the operational level the company also engages in ordering, managing inventory procurement process as well as the allocation of such purchases. These activities are carried out within the company’s production and finance departments besides a wider pool operational logistic team within the company. The success of the company in the domination of the global market in the presupposition and relaying of contemporary designs is pegged on operational factors as well. Indeed, the company boasts of industrious and result-driven personnel who do not only help in the achievement of the company’s objective for its satisfaction but also for self satisfaction. Indeed, the company engages itself through its CEO, sir Goldberge in time to time employment of more and skilled personnel to assist coordination of operation as well as analysis aimed at expanding the company scope and dominance of the market. This is father enhanced by experience endowment that helps them thrive through the fast-paced settings. Furthermore, this also helps the company to convey skills and expertise to all complimentary individual in the inventory purchases who includes: designers and the shipping carriers. Through such integrated operational practices, the company is able to capture its targeted market through good public relation fostered by internal staff integration (Boone, 2012).

As a matter of fact, the experienced Inventory Operation Coordinator also helps in actual reporting with respect to designers’ discrepancies as well as advising the company on the viable operational intervention needed which may include inventory inspection, returns or the cycle counts. Besides this, the company’s operation coordinator further projects on the whole life cycle in the of the acquitted inventory purchases from the first receipt to the various phases within its operations. Additionally, the coordinator is also charged with the responsibility of monitoring the completed stock sales, analysis of the viability of the sales as well as the final communication of balance in inventory to the company’s buyers. This further fosters the company’s social relations with its esteemed customers. In summation, the operation coordinator also traces the open orders and the reason behind the tampering of the customers’ arrays (Boone, 2012).

To supplement the company’s acuity with regard to their clients’ satisfaction and the commodities within their trade, the company also engages the operation coordinator in frequent visit their warehouse in order to gather requisite information regarding the consumer able commodities available for trade. These activities mark the company’s stronghold with respect to infrastructural endowment including warehouses and ability to contact its esteemed customer base for market information and orders. Consequently, the company is able to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors due to its continuous hiring of new experienced operational and analytical personnel. Indeed, the new intervention through the novel coordinative procedures acts to augment the available strategic changes of the company (Boone, 2012).

Finally, organizes its operations and other aspects of management with coherence and transparency. To achieve further progress in the fields and beyond, the company also engages in tracking pivotal business metrics as well as the development of forward-thinking price determination strategies that leads to the overall optimization of aggregate sales and margins. In addition the company engages in full time survey of the customers’ shopping behaviors, main business drivers as well as the category strategies as the major inputs towards its pricing strategy. Furthermore, has continuously examined the market place dynamics in order to comprehend the impact on its business as well as helping in the development of a viable pricing strategy. Using some of the empirical information gathered through the massive engagement of research and analysis, the company is able to unveil and evaluate the pricing propositions and gauge the impact of the market dynamics as well as developing strategy insights and effects in order to maintain the supernormal category pricing strategies. In summation the overall success of the is pegged on its ability to meet the respective buyers with IT based information system which has helped it identify with the entire budgets, goals and strategies of the market as well positively influencing assortment decision (Boone, 2012).

In conclusion, has been one of the most successful companies at the global scene. Its success has been realized through a competent and strategic approach towards the market forces and the various dynamics thereof. Consequently, this has been the main attribute to its immense competitive advantage over its competitors like Gilt House, Joss & Mains and the One Kings Lane among others. Certainly, has an edgy, contemporary designers and products thus capturing new market to accommodate the ever changing market dynamics attracting some prominent investors such as Ashton Kutcher. Therefore, coupled with proper pricing strategies which are market analysis aided makes it eminently competitive within the design market for such products as Emeco chairs, Silva Bradshaw furniture and the Fontana Arte Italian system of lighting are some of the products that has featured recently. All these make the company quite competitive and thus the global market dominance.


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