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The iPad can be called the best innovation of the decade because it satisfies the needs of the users. Its size makes it portable and hence can be carried anywhere thereby making it convenient. This paper tries to evaluate why iPads can be said to be the best innovation of the decade.  In so doing, the paper considers the unique technological characteristics incorporated in the iPads.

IPad as the Best Technological Innovation of the Decade

Technological innovations come and go all the time. Some of them influence our lives, whilst others disappear without being noticed. However, some inventions cannot be ignored since they bring something new into our everyday routine or dramatically change the lives of millions. Thus, one of such innovations that can be deservedly called the best technological invention in the past ten years is the iPad.

Background information

An iPad is a tablet manufactured by the Apple Company. The iPad was first released in 2010. Users of the iPad install their preferred applications through the App Store. The iPad has dominated the market since it’s’ introduction in 2010. Currently 80% of all mobile PC sold comprise of the iPad. It has the following features; a 1024 by 768 pixels resolution, 9.56 inch by 7.47 inch multi-task screen and a 10-hour battery life. It’s half an inch thick and weighs a pound and a half. The price ranges from $499 to $829. Other features include; a camera, the ability to multitask, USB ports and support for flash. Other models are scheduled for release with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity.


The discovery of the iPad was an upheaval for certain groups of our society, especially students and business people. Owning this small-sized personal portable computer that had so many useful functions has suddenly became very fashionable and, therefore, utterly desirable. One of the main advantages of that device was its small size and light weight that enables people to take it with them anywhere. Being not much bigger than a Smartphone, it incorporates the technological characteristics of the Mac Book. Its functionality is based on the large variety of available functions; it is suitable as for completing work tasks, or for the tasks connected with leisure time. With an iPad, people can always have all their notes and documents with them neatly organized and ready to be approached whenever needed. People can access e-books and read them on the comfortable size screen. Moreover, people can be always connected with their friends and relatives by using their iPad as a communication device through e-mail, social networks, Skype, etc. It also offers a possibility of playing games, listening to the music, watching videos, and surfing the Internet. The combination of its smart look, large touch screen as an input device, makes it not only attractive but also functional. The time of innovations has come, so all technically advanced people start using new technologies instead of old methods. For example, no one wants to keep carrying heavy books to schools and being cut off the world while away from your desktops. Here is how a perfect size and functionality of an iPad can be of a good assistance.

The truth is that there is not an analogue to this device that would combine all the features with a comfortable and attractive design. Its appearance on the market provoked a real commotion from the customers who could use an iPad in so many ways. It makes an iPad the best and the most desirable technological innovation of the last decade since it has brought a major change into people’s lives and lifestyles. All the listed features make it the most highly ranked device on the market (Nichols 57).


There are a number of features that helps to identify a truly spectacular device such as iPad. The most important elements are the speed of the system, the internal storage size, software and applications that can be used there. Other criteria that describe an efficient technical device are the screen glass and its resistance to finger print and scratch, the mode text input, and technical specification such as processors speed, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options (Nichols 22).

Another factor that contributes to the effectiveness and the convenience of using an iPad is the battery life and the ease of re-charging. The feature that would be highly estimated by many students is the possibility of getting additional accessories such as a mouse, a case or an audio jack (Nichols 22).


When compared to a laptop, it is obvious how much more superior an iPad is. According to Tim Cook the Apple CEO, the processing speed of the iPad is greatly enhanced and the setup of the overall system has an integrated dual-core processor which many laptops do not have. Another feature that distinguishes the iPad from the majority of laptops is a full touch screen display. The screen has a liquid crystal monitor of 10024 X 768 pixels; it is also scratch resistant that makes the iPad more durable unlike an ordinary computer screen (Angela 39).

One of the most impressive advantages of the iPad over a laptop is the battery life; iPad can stay for a long time without re-charging unlike a laptop. It can provide ten hours of video or 140 hours of audio replay. An iPad has three internal storage sizes of 16, 32 and 64 GB flash drive. It also comes with an SD card reader, something that many students would look for in a device. Finally, iPad provides several accessories, software, and applications like YouTube, I Book’s, spotlight and maps (Nichols 98).

IPads are useful to students due to the presence of a variety of characteristics that make their education life easier, such as notes, calendar, spotlight search and other applications. These features help students to be organized and not to forget anything connected to their studies and personal lives. Overall, iPad is a phenomenal device that deserves its current high ranking in the world of technology (Nichols 80). The combination of the functionality and attractive appearance of the iPad that revolutionized the lives of many people and changed the old ways of dealing with everyday situations makes it a truly extraordinary device that can be proudly called the best technological device of the last decade.

Alternate Views

Evaluation of the iPads’ features brought up discussions on whether the iPad is beneficial to college and university students. From the most common point of view, an iPad offers a wide selection of applications that would be useful to students and would make their studies more efficient. Moreover, taking an iPad to school is much more convenient than carrying a couple of heavy textbooks. Thus, it can improve and advance the existing education system (Nichols 66). Not only will the students become more organized because they will have all education material saved to their iPad, but they will also stop putting so much strain on their backs by carrying around heavy bags with textbooks (Angela 103).Therefore, all the advantages of using an iPad lead to more and more people thinking that using an iPad for studies is beneficial for students and will probably be a common practice soon (Angela 122).

However, some researchers argue that using an iPad on day-to-day basis is completely safe for students’ health (Nichols 66). Scientists researching the health impact of the iPad stated that there is a high risk of the magnets featured in the iPad affecting youngsters’ health. The magnets alter the valve settings of youngsters’ brain shunts. Moreover, there is a risk of it causing the shunt to malfunction (Drinkwater 2012). However, the modern pace of life requires us using many technological innovations that were claimed to be harmful for our health, like computers, mobile phones, etc. Not only it did not change people’s approach, but also many theories have been refuted after some time. Moreover, the competitors who did not have much luck with launching a magnificent product like an iPad might spread the information about the harm of it, while it is not more dangerous that using ordinary computers or cell-phones. Thus, the same thing must be happening to anti-advertising of the iPad.

Moreover, some professors might claim that it is better to study using traditional ways by reading textbooks and noting everything in the notebooks. However, it is impossible to reject the fact that innovations make our lives easier and more efficient. Therefore, an iPad can be a great contribution to developing the education system and it is the best innovation of the decade. 

Rhetorical Analysis

For this assignment, students were chosen as the target audience because they form the main group of iPad current and potential users. Moreover, a concept of using an iPad for studies appeals to students since they quickly accept new ideas. Furthermore, the technical details of the product in the essay bring student’s attention since they are the most technically advanced. In order to appeal to the target group, the writing style of the essay was easy to understand, neither too scientific nor off-putting. The words used in the essay are commonly used between students and at the same time are substantial enough to retain credibility and the profound style of the article.

The use of logos is represented by saying that the time of innovations has started and using the words “all technically advanced people start using new technologies instead of old methods” in the introduction part. It appeals to readers’ minds, since it calls them clever and advanced if they already use an iPad, and stimulates those who still do not own one to “join the club”. Moreover, providing the technical information about the device assumes that the readers are smart enough to understand it and appreciate the product. Since the information is quite commonly used nowadays amongst the younger population, it will be understandable to most of the students. Thus, being able to comprehend, the complicated technical information flatters the readers proving that they are exceptionally technologically educated.

Pathos is used in the essay in the way of presenting a credible group of people (“technically advanced people”) and encouraging others to listen to their advice. For instance, by saying “no one wants to keep carrying heavy books to schools and being cut off the world” in the overview it is expected that the readers would believe in the credibility of what the technically advanced people think. Thus, even if they preferred carrying the books to schools, they would start thinking that they should get an iPad not to be left behind the progress.

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Ethos is also used in the essay by explaining how important the device is and how its appearance “changed the lives of millions”. The use of the words “the most desirable technological innovation of the last decade” and “there is not an analogue to this device” for defining the iPad appeals to students’ emotions making them desiring to be a part of the breakthrough and the whole new lifestyle. By saying that an iPad is most suitable for “students and business people” there is a hint on a clear connection between being a student with an iPad and then becoming a successful businessperson. It appeals to students’ emotions since it shows that thanks to iPad they can become respectable and successful.


In conclusion, an iPad is the Apple Company’s best technological innovations. It has changed the lives of many people. It offers many features such as playing games, , watching videos, listening to the music and surfing the Internet. It has a smart look and essay to operate. 


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