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1. Do you agree with the Dutch court’s decision?

The Dutch court ruled that “it is legal to break Wi-Fi security and use the internet.” I agree with this ruling because one can do minimal damage since one has no access to the stored data. Legalization of hacking the Wi-Fi router is the channel to find out were security lope holes exist. Really, can we trust a company if an invader is just a single injection away? Through hackings, the security system is likely to be upgraded and strengthened; the service providers will work very hard to safeguard the access of their security systems by hackers. Through this legalization there is a high possibility of the improvement of the quality of web services. The service providers definitely will try their best to come up with sophisticated systems that are highly upgraded in order to remain the best secured firm and most competent. A site which is easily hacked proves that the services which are rendered by that particular firm are of poor quality, therefore, for it to remain competent improvement must be carried out (Oja D, 2011).

2. Do you think a router should be considered a computer?

From the Netherlands definition the computer and a router have two similarities; both have the ability of data processing and transmission. The difference between the two is that the computer has the ability of data storage while the router does not have that ability. The router is further described as the device that derives information via a broadband signal through modem, deciphers it, and finally delivers it to the computer. A router’s work depends on the computer, while on the other hand, a computer does not depend on the router. Also it has the ability to respond positively to a set of instructions if inserted in a well defined way. This difference between the two brings me to a conclusion that a router is not a computer. (Oja, 2011).

3. What impact does this ruling have on corporate network security?

The ruling will lead to a positive effect of the networks security; all the security holes are likely to be sealed and, hence, security is guaranteed.  The act of hacking into a corporate wireless traffic in the Netherlands will not be considered as a crime, but what will be illegal is the compromise of the data that is being transmitted or bringing about mechanical breakdown. Despite the fact that hackers will try to gain access to other people’s privacy again there is a law that will limit them. The law is very clear that only the internet is to be used; anything outside that will be illegal and will land one in the dork. I also believe that the firms will be more vigilant and ready to work out the hacking problem, hence, there will be continuing improvement of their security systems (Beaver K, 2005)

4. What is OPSEC? How do you think this ruling impacts proper OPSEC?

OPSEC is operational security that defines critical information to find out if friendly action can be detected by adversary intelligence, and determines whether the information acquired is interpreted to be important to them, and then executes measures which reduce or eradicate adversary exploitation of friendly vital information. The ruling of the Dutch court will affect the OPSEC in that it will be very difficult to distinguish people with heal motives from the ones with good will. Again this ruling has created a platform for heal motive hackers to expand their activities of terrorizing and stealing, (What is a router, 2013).


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