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An online system is any electronic interactive system, which is used provide information to the end users through telephone lines to personal computers or through cables to terminal machines. This information may mostly be in text form. This kind of technology can be applied to provide services such as; news, education, business, entertainment, shopping, etc. Some systems also provide message services and graphic and audio information. Videotext is a term which been adopted to refer to an electronic interactive systems of this type.

University of phoenix has an online system which offers online services to its student, staff, customer or whoever has interest with University. According to Global division article, university of phoenix offers a global education that let people learn online with student from across the street and around the globe. This system enables one to interact with other professionals, sharing ideas, debating issues and learning from others experience. When one join global online community on university of phoenix he/she become part of exclusive network that helps thousands of student from more than 130 countries to achieve their personal and academic objectives. In this paper I will focus more on online service offered by University of phoenix Library.

All the service of the University of Phoenix Library are automated. This service is very well organized and monitored such that, in order to access it one has to be a member. To become a member one register with the university library online system, whereby an account is created for the user and gets issued with username and password for authentication.

As an active member of the university of Phoenix library, you can visit and login using the user name and password issued to you. After logging in to the university online system, you find the four main tabs; home, Classroom, Library, Program and account. To access services in library click on the library tab. When you open the library tab you will see all the services provided by the library. These are categorized into four main topics which include; University library, eBooks, Center for writing excellence, Center for mathematics excellence.

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Under university library you can access library resources which includes;Article of databases-major, Article database-specialized, Books, dissertations and thesis, Canadian indexes, Company directories and Financials, Country profile and Economic data, Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Journal indexes and Abstracts, Test guides and preparation, Writing and publishing resources, Choose databases by subject, View database alphabetically, Find a specific publication.

There are also library services like; search FAQs which gives an opportunity to search the frequent asked question, ask librarian which gives you a pathway of obtaining a professional guidance and recommendations regarding your search. If you anything you want to enquire, you should fill the form on ask librarian link and then you click submit to send your enquiries, the librarian will receive you question and respond within 48 hours. You can also request a specific document from the library, what you need to do is to click on “ask a specific document” link the you fill the form and send your request, if the document is available you will be directed on how you will collect it, and the document is not available university will make an effort to procure one for you. University library also offers an interactive tutorial purposely to help user to navigate and search anything they need in the library. Also there is library handbook which can be downloaded.

eBook tab provides you collection of all electronic books in the library. These books are grouped into: business and management, Education, General studies, Information technology, counseling, Doctoral. You can look for the book you under those categories once you find it, then click on it to open and read online. The system also is customized to enable search for book either by title or eve text if one can’t recall the title of the book.

Center for writing excellence is lab designed to help student to develop essential written communication skills. There are mechanisms put in place to promote the writing skills of the student. They include tools such as; write point which automatically check proper usage of grammar and gives feedback and comments. Tutor review is another tool which is available to all student of university of phoenix, student receives detailed feedback in academic papers on format, grammar, organization, punctuation, and usage but not on course content. Plagiarism checker is also used to promote originality in student work which helps to improve student writing and research skills. There are also tutorials and guides aimed at improving students grammar and writing skills. This is attained by providing writing principles, learning the writing process, and writing and formatting academic essays.

Center for mathematics excellence is specifically to help student for their mathematics and statistics classes, as well as providing information on how to apply mathematics skill to other areas or fields of study. In the “Center for mathematics excellence” tab there are two options; Running start and Math anxiety. Running start helps you to review your mathematics and statistic skills. This can be done through brushing up or when preparing mathematics course. This is done through presentations and videos on variety of topics, and there are also self-assessment and place to practice solving problems. Math anxiety provides coping and study tips for student who are not anxious.

One of the goals that University of Phoenix had in coming up with online system is, to give access to the working adult population in as many of the present fields as possible. Their Non degree programs are created to help working people with improved job skills in their related fields. The basic goal is to provide the student with extra certifications and experience for advancement with their current employer.

At all their physical and online campus arenas the university grants traditional federal loan and grant programs to help their students in funding for advancing their education. They also give oppotunity to access a variety of scholarships. University of Phoenix contributes directly with a large number of employers for the employee tuition support program. Where the employer pay back tuition for all courses that the student performs better in and is approved by the employer prior to the student’s enrollment.


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