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The use of modern technology has not benefitted man as most individuals think. Instead, it has widened the gap between rich and poor countries and made people overdependent on technologic advancements in their existence. This authors’ thoughts on the continuous growth of innovation heralded with man’s needs to make his existence better and simple, affirm the application of creativity, especially by the superpowers, to use technology even in warfare (Husbands Fealing et al. 333). Due to this, the world superpowers have always been on the lead in the manipulation of technology to gain market advantage for their growth and development. Unfortunately, wars in such a competitive world are inevitable as democracies try to outdo each other. It is, therefore, wrong for this chapter to put across the idea that the circumstances are fair to all countries when it comes to market competition. As a matter of fact, big nations suppress the growth of smaller ones by ruling the market forces for their advantage (Husbands Fealing et al. 334).

In addition to this, the assertion that robotic innovation is coming to mitigating problems like environmental pollution is nothing but a lie (Husbands Fealing et al. 334). People integrate innovation as part of their lifestyle and science has enhanced it (Husbands Fealing et al. 336). Man, driven with his curiosity, resorted to the use of carbon and other chemical elements that have contributed to the present environmental pollution. Worse enough, the emergence and use of the modern technologies have accelerated the development and spread of inadequate market approach especially on the ground that most people adopt it for purely commercial reasons (Husbands Fealing et al. 339).  The coded language of technology and the psychological impact that progress in technology has on its users is even compounding this problem. In this respect, most people have leaned towards the misleading notion that robotic innovation can be used to solve social and personal problems thus depriving them of natural creativity (Husbands Fealing et al. 340). Additionally, the fact that development of technology is not even in all parts of the world reduces the global competition and innovation it purports to promote (Husbands Fealing et al. 341).

There is a need for robotic innovation to be localized by each nation. It has to have the local content and be favorable for each country (Husbands Fealing et al. 342). This will thus be in line with Kao’s definition of innovation that stresses individual participation in transforming own destinies (Husbands Fealing et al. 342). Governments, therefore, have to come up with policies that define, regulate, and reward the positive use of innovation and technology to avoid any form of technological misappropriations and overreliance on the same (Husbands Fealing et al. 342).

Several topics help in bringing out the above line of thought clearly. First, the issue of predictive intelligence that robotic innovation provides makes one or nation do extensive data analysis on markets and any other field of interest with an aim of forecasting future trends. Predictive intelligence exemplifies the degree to which nations not well equipped with the modern technology face adverse domination and suppression of the superpowers (Husbands Fealing et al. 376). This is based on some technological limitations, attributes, and capabilities that often close out the humane and friendly orientations of business transactions. Second, the generation of these artificially intelligent devices like the computers has deprived a man of his individual natural intelligence and made people solely reliant on these gadgets (Husbands Fealing et al. 378). For instance, most GPS devices are negatively impacting on the growth in the hippocampus of an individual. People no longer take note of the many landmarks available for them to use but rather switch to the use of these devices for support. Users of modern gadgets have thus become their slaves while forgoing their intellectual growth and general mastery of their surroundings.


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