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Recent years, demand for professional software engineers increased greatly because of changing economic and social conditions. Master’s program proposes great opportunities to expend my knowledge and become a real professional in this field. In modern world technology, and clients' expectations, are changing. Where once a company would have spent considerable in-house time on developing their own tailor-made software, most accept that they can buy a ready-made package from a professional software house. Although many companies are still in the grip of major software implementations, our attitudes are changing.

Master’s program at the University supplies students with unique knowledge and skills crucial for professional and career development. Ten years ago we believed that we should adapt software to match our internal processes: nowadays we accept that it is probably quicker, cheaper, and ultimately more effective to adapt our processes to a given package. We want faster results - because the organizations we work for want faster results. We want to fill the gap in our intellectual capital, tick the task off as 'done' and move on to the next issue as quickly as possible. The need for tangible results means that there will continue to be, as now, a market for very large-scale assignments, where the distinction between 'advising' and 'doing' is increasingly blurred. But, at the other end of the spectrum, I also see a distinct shift towards shorter, more discrete assignments which focus on a specific problem/solution, a trend that will put professionals under intense pressure to provide a service which can solve all the client's issues within a fairly short space of time. And because these assignments will be equivalent to waving a magic wand, clients will expect the solution offered to be both new and visibly innovative.

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I suppose that software engineering is a profession of the 21st century. Faced with an environment in which clients are considerably more hungry for ideas - and, given past bitter experience - more cynical about many of the consulting ideas which pose as 'new' —firms will have to do more than ever. The hunt for new ideas will be on - and on a serious scale. There are two strategic options available: consulting firms can either become more innovative internally, or they can purchase their innovation externally. I am sure that the Master’s program will help me to find a fast and comparatively simple solution to what may in reality be a very complex problem.

I am a hardworking and motivated person with clear and well-thought career goals. I suppose that software engineering is one of the most important profession as it would make lives of millions of people easier and will connect technology and an individual. This is perhaps the most important insight today in thinking about software engineering, but it is one that is only just being accepted and is even more rarely exploited. Information can be manipulated in ways that are impossible with physical objects, giving it enormous value. A simple example is the use of the computer-aided design techniques that now form a fundamental part of the manufacturing process. This is because, until very recently, information has always been seen as a mere representation of something else — it was recycled information about something. Information about a potential new product is developed within a computer system so that a virtual replica of the product can be tested, altered and sent around the world without the expense and time involved in building a physical mock-up. Of course, physical prototypes still play an important role, but their part is much reduced in the overall process. This is a quintessential example of how information has been used as a substitute for something else — the new product — in this case to reduce development costs and time to market. The value of the information comes about not just because it is a representation of the physical object, but also because it can be manipulated in ways that cannot occur in the physical world. Information is substituted for the physical object, to the benefit of all concerned.

I am sure that Master’s program will help me to find unique solutions to diversity of problems existing in modern world. I have excellent business skills and easily communicate with other people. Working on a project I always think about a client and his unique needs. Clearly, each implementation is still customized for clients, but the software itself ensures a degree of uniformity in the implementation process. And uniformity means that people can be trained for the job - the reliance on the specialist skills of individual consultants is much less. I recognize that knowing what intellectual assets are available to an organization will be only half of the issue: equally important will be knowing what these assets are worth. But, for an industry which is fundamentally based around intellectual capital, extraordinarily little thought has been put into the idea of valuing it.

For me, software engineering is an art and science, so I suppose that Master’s program will help me to apply my creative and entrepreneur’s skills into practice. All companies rely on a combination of the physical and information environments, although the exact combination — what we call the physical/virtual ratio — will vary between sectors and between individual companies. If the discovery of ideas can be improved so much by keeping information in the virtual domain, software engineering seems reasonable to ask whether we have to use the physical domain at all.

I want to enter the Master’s program because the society needs professional and skillful software engineers able to solve all problems and task. Software engineering offers a world in which the physical constraints of traditional industries (and economics) have no relevance. It follows that a company that relies on its information environment (as opposed to its traditional physical one) is more adaptable, and it is more probable that this company will experience increasing returns.


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