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Since the 1960s, the use of technology in artistic works has taken center stage; this has seen many artists explore the use of technology in their artwork. The main aim of using technology in artwork includes the desire to make improvements in the work of art, as well as achieve the intended objectives. One such artist who has embraced the use of technology in his artwork is David Hockney. Hockney has employed modern technological devices in his artwork. The reproductive technologies that he uses have helped him to convey his message to his audience, as well as achieve the aims and objectives of his artwork. Some of the technologies that David Hockney used in his artistic works include the Polaroid, iPad and iPhone, as well as the color photocopier. Other forms of technology that Hockney has used include the use of digital media, as well as photography. These technologies have been instrumental in Hockney’s artwork since they have significantly contributed to creativity, documentation, as well as the creating of new works of art.

Other technological applications used by Hockney include the Quantel Paintbox. This electronic paintbox has played a crucial role in his artwork since it has helped him improve on his painting, as well as made his painting work easy and enjoyable. Hockney believes that he has achieved his aims and objectives as an artist due to the use of new technology. To him, the adoption of the new technologies has been instrumental in enhancing flexibility, creating opportunities, and brining inspiration in his artwork. For example, he has gained the ability to paint with fingertips on the screen of the iPad, with the use of blending colors, as well as the adjustment of the light effects. Therefore, the adoption of technology in works of art has enhanced the works of artists since the 1960s.


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