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Telecommuting refers to any work plan in which the workforce of a particular company enjoys flexibility in terms of hours and site (Eldib, 1995). Through this technology, our company has established resources that enable our employees to eliminate their daily commutation to their work site. In addition, through this system, the company employees work at their own free time under minimal control leading to an increased in productivity. Similarly, employees have had reduced costs in their travelling expenses as telecommuting require minimal or no travelling at all. Likewise, the company has realized a reduction in relocation costs. Despite all these gains, the system has had several setbacks during its implementation process. The company has spent a lot of money in establishing the appropriate technology and devices to enhance telecommuting. The lack of connectivity, especially in the remote places, has also been a major barrier in the implementation of this technology.

Before the inception of telecommuting, I had never learnt how excel interfaces work in real time to access data sources. Currently excel has enabled our employees to telecommute via Routers. In the future, the company is opting to expand the system to handle sophisticated programs such as statistical functions.

Wireless communication has affected telecommunication in several ways. The dissemination of information has been considerably enhanced allowing accessibility of local and remote areas. Despite its enormous capability, wireless communication still suffers several setbacks. When compared with the optical means of communication, the transfer of signals with wireless devices causes distorted signals. Similarly, the cost of putting up of wireless devices such as satellites is more costly compared to the optical system (Schement, 2002).       

Location-based applications like foursquare have facilitated the building of larger followers through personal marketing. With these applications, business owners have been able to enhance their relationship with customers and thus a competitive advantage over their competitors. Individuals   have been able to build varied networks of friends across wide geographical expanses.


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