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The hobby horse is a child’s toy that was common before the invention of cars.  Children played by riding a wooden hobby-horse that was made of a stick which had a small horse’s head and some reins attached to one end. The bottom end of the stick sometimes had a small wheel (, 2008). Children spent long hours riding and enjoying the hobby horse. In this case, the horses head was small and was usually fashioned out of fabric or wood.  It was a good way of surprising a child.

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In different societies, Hobby Horses have been worn from time immemorial in the world. Masks were used by people to impersonate supernatural beings as well as animals in religious and magical ceremonies. In the African context, Masks were very common especially in West Africa during ceremonies (Den Otter, 1997). Dancers would use masks to decorate their faces in order to make the occasion colorful. In drama, masks have been very important especially in traditional cultures and their use is still practiced even in modern times.

Further, masks have been in use in art and science since Stone Age and their form was always dictated by tradition, religion and art.  In some communities, the masks were believed to have had supernatural powers. Amongst the Banama People, Masks were a very common form of art and tradition. Their art was always rich and filled with pottery, sculptures, cloth and wrought iron figures.  The Banama people also had extensive masking traditions which were and are still used as a form of social control and for community education.

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