Free «Memories of a Donkey» Essay Sample

Jack the Donkey is a unique character who possesses strong personal values and reflects human virtues. The episode 1 (on the market) shows that virtuousness and morality are the main qualities of Jack the Donkey in relations with humans. Society supposed that an animal cannot follow strict moral rules which determined but Jack the Donkey is guided by strong moral principles and actions. In spite of severe beating and harsh attitude, Jack the Money says:  “I, wishing to give a good opinion of my kind-ness and good will, came gently towards the  country woman and stopped near her to let her  mount upon my back” (Segur 3). To some extent, religion clearly stipulated good and wrong behavior patterns, goodness and sins, virtue and misdeeds. Viciousness of the animal is expressed in his ability to endure sufferings and emotional pain, oppression and beating. The episodes 2 and 3 (the bridge) portray that people perceive animals as non-humans who not understand and follow values and cannot be virtuous. Still, behavior of Jack the Donkey proves that personal values are a strong force which dictated social norms and social order. This faith is nurtured by the experience of love. In light of modern views of history, the traditions thus identified do not constitute a sufficient and comprehensive tool for the establishment of doctrine. Despite differences between humans and animals, Jack the Donkey is virtuous trying to preserve natural beauty and faith in his souls. The causes of oppression are based on false dogmas and traditions which played the crucial role in communities. This episode portrays that the animal has the same qualities and can feel more deeply that humans.  Lack of respect towards animals results in false norms and values which reflect personal weakness of human characters. In spite of physical abuse, Jack the Donkey followed principles of rectitude and decency.

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