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Italian/Petrarchean Sonnet

I sometimes like to wish that I had wings

It makes me dream that I could, in the sky,

Fly up, and rush around the clouds, and fly

So far and fast, like lovely feathered things.

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I want to fly through clouds that form like rings

And hear the wind’s enormous bellow-cry

That echoes in my ears as I pass by

Each cloud is like an angel, and it sings!

 But this is just a dream, a silly dream

I cannot fly.  I never, never will.

No closer to the sky than a sunbeam

I ever will get.  So I’ve had my fill

Of dreams.  And so the bird that I do seem

To be in my mind, sings its lonely trill.


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Shakespearean Sonnet

My love is like a glass of finest wine,

So thick and rich and rosy-hued, and full

Of flavor.  Tingling on the lips, as mine

(My love) does keep my heart both warm and cool.

Both warm and cool!  As chilled wine cools me through,

But warms me inside.  So, too, does my love

Both warm my heart and heat me up towards you,

But cools me off like snow falling from above.

And just as wine can leave us reeling drunk,

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And laughing at the smallest thing, well, then,

My love intoxicates me, like the trunk

Of elephants send giggles by the dozen.

In short, my wine-like love I’ll always drink

And in that bottle do I hope to sink. 


Metaphysical Poem

My brain is like a desert

No motion seen – the sands sit still,

The mind works invisibly, skull-shrouded.

Yet who can count the grains of desert sand?

And who can count the thoughts of a mind?

The sandstorm heaves up, sand is sent


The mind thinks – thoughts and ideas can go


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