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The short story has been much acclaimed in recent times being the conscience expression of prose fiction that espouses the ability of bringing out complex themes in minimal length and a constriction of characters and their development. The shift to short story to channel out literature can be attested by the many anthologies that have recently characterized literature and peoples percepts of fiction writing. Short fiction makes up of a big percentage of modern literature as it continues to evolve through the ages adopting the modern themes flexibly. The genre of fictions ability to adapt to change and its flexibility to modern themes preempts it to the modern trends that have seen it grow in popularity an s a bastion of literal expression.

The short story characteristic of linear plot and a simpleton literal style has baffled with the ability to espouse similar literal ability and magnificence of long fiction which has for long been the major literature option. With dynamic short stories from all over the world this genre has been able to embody national and international outlooks all over the world eliciting a communion of literature all over the world. Several anthologies have been combined giving voice to deep notions of colorful literature from all corners of the world making short story fiction a literal voice to reckon with.

The short is considered an agent of change as it has been extensively been used to show the changing worldwide sentiments that shapes philosophies and notions in life. The short story has carried revolutionary change and inspired the general movement of the society towards improving their lives. It is from literati that some of the most defining philosophies in history as behave been made (Richard, & Cassill, 2006, p.55-62). With general rise in world consciousness on issues humane and political the short story has taken its role of inspiring actions that lead to change and spearheaded the clamor for revolution.

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The advent of psychology which has made it possible to understand behavioral change through reading has helped fire the teaching through short stories. Various global humanists have used the short stories to change people’s perceptions towards life to increase responsibility and train the youths on how to tackle challenges in life. Stories have thus been used to inject change in the world through its themes on worldwide concerns.

The short stories have adopted the changing dynamism of the world and are quick adopting new themes which make it continuously relevant. Some stories are however timeless and posses themes of yore yet it’s the ability to suit the status quo that make them easy to adapt to the themes happening around us. Short fiction scours through the time and it adopts the new styles and has a sort of malleability that enables it embrace dynamic perceptions across the globe (Theodore, 1997, p. 15-24).

The short stories have also been able to weave an international flag with its advent in the international scene. Anthologies across the world interpreted and in native languages have helped tell the overall story of the world with extensive assessment of the local theories and philosophies in relation to world views which have helped create an understanding in major world cultures integrated and globalized the world through literature. An International Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories captures the international spirit with various works from all over the world which blend into each other as they explore our metaphysical sameness despite of our various physical locations in the world. Literature has predisposed us to understanding other people within and without which has helped shape our international perceptions in the world.

International literature especially in short story helps us understand the various socio-cultural orientations of other people and helps us understand other people across different cultures. Reading various short stories from other traditions and cultural upbringing has helped shape the world understanding of general cultural differences and social dispensation shattering the mythology that stereotypically labels certain world civilizations. Theodore Goosen’s Japanese Short Stories is such work which overly shares the Japanese experience through short fiction and helps us understand and relate to Japanese writers and their themes.

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World literature as Damrosch rightfully calls it has attained a new dimension as it is nowadays issue based and not tied to regional percepts or stratified into societal divisions. Short story fiction continually contributes to major debate on worldwide issues from Homosexuality, gender, democracies, war, freedom and religious issues that are a bone of contention in the present day world. The shift of world attention to issues has been fired by the information age which has created a vacuum that needs to be filled by the interpretation of the bountiful information in the public domain

Perhaps Daniel, Halpern (1999), in his stories best captures the concentration of major works on the evolving worldwide issues to sensitive trends orientations and lifestyles. Once a taboo topic which could not be discussed gay and lesbian relations have become prevalent and the world definition of this orientation is slowly changing as people carry out discourses on the issues surrounding the psychology behind this orientation behavior in life. Short stories and literature have tried to capture the struggle and the attitudes of gay people in the world as well as those who firmly object to recognize their existence. This has opened up understanding civilized opinions that has driven the general sentimental change in the world addressing issues of sexuality and morality. Short stories mirror the society and show us what we want to see and that which we would rather blot away, short story strives to discuss issues that have borne contention by opening to us instances and repercussions of several sentiments that will allow us to construe the issues in a better way and work our way out of odds we might have paced ourselves against.

World literature focuses on issues that make it relevant to the whole world as most people can relate to the issues which are being projected in the thesis of the short story. This has enabled international stories based around themes that are relevant to all humans attain an acclaimed status and become widely read. International literature besides showing the various world experiences form different perspectives concentrate on issues which cannot be confine in space and time. Themes build around issues that are celebrated and endured by mankind all over the globe. Several short story anthologies demonstrate this through their various entries.

International literature has also introduced many writers previously unknown in the international scene especially African and la tin American writers. Short stories have significantly lifted the led on theses writer exposing deep literature invaluable and colorfully native to the world. This is credited to regional anthologies that have focused on the various regions of the world introducing new authors and writing styles that have helped enrich the depth of worldwide literature. David Jackson achieves this through The Oxford book of Brazilian short stories, that tells that various perspectives from Latin America as they tell their stories the authors inject the South American style and influences in world literature building several careers all over the world.

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Short stories have also contributed to the general move towards embracing globalization as people integrate in all ways. Interpretations and translations of Asian and Latin literature has opened to the world a pool of works and writers that help the world integrate better being able to relate with other human beings regardless of their geographical location. The translation which is subject to the understanding of various languages across the globe has spearheaded in the desire for mono-linguism which spurs globalization.

In his literally new works David, Jackson,(2007), introduced into world literature which although have existed in the locality of their respective geographical locations were previously inaccessible to the rest of the world. The translations help give the world an insight into theses worlds through the works that have a great impact on world view and shaping of their perceptions toward different people all over the world. Translations also allow the authors and their communities to maintain their innate heritage and cultural expressions that define them in the world. This is thus beneficial to the community and the world in general as it shares and retains the sap that channels out the stories that philosophically defines a community. According to Theodore, Goosen, the Oxford Book of Japanese Short Stories helps demonstrate the importance of interpretation which allows us to share the philosophical dispensation of the Japanese people but also retains the Japanese story telling which the initial works sought to preserve in the art of short story writing.

Short story writing is also being built around the authors, their experiences and their challenges in world literature.  They embody their struggles as their rich countenance of subtle world occurrences and activities around us are immortalized by their noble creativity. The authors demonstrate this through sharing notions integrating styles and demonstrating their ability to give a rainbow of world literature through the individually specific style they choose to use. American literature especially short story writing captures the conditions of writing presently and reflects on  the general reading cultures while assessing the issues that prevalently occupy day to day discourse.

Short story writing seeks to keep the shrinking market as literature is quickly bowing to the digitalization of information. Short story tells the story of the current world position and what it would likely evolve into. The current emphasis on consideration of values and the importance of a certain level of conservatism which encourage adoption of the global heaven while buttressing national values and ,moral disposition is captured in the short stories that try to tell what the common individual lives with amid the various philosophical impositions imposed on him. For instance the sentiments captured by The Anthology of the American Short Story. James Nagel, Houghton Mifflin Boston, 2008 which captures the individuals in America Vis a Vis their country and all the social movement that spirals around them defining their situation in the entire whirlpool

Short story also documents history and assertively links current experiences with the historical growth over the ages that latently or manifestly have inkling as to the status quo. Short stories on the American civil war, world wars, financial depressions and colonialism cultivate on issues that esoterically have determined the economic and sociopolitical situations of people and countries in the world. It seeks t teach on the various sentimental prejudices previously held that have been effectively rectified to build the assertively diverse and integrated world as we know it today through a confluence of experiences stories and bound by aspirations that defy nationality and regional position (David,2007, p. 35-42).

Short stories has effectively taken pole position in world literature by being a very effective tool of eliciting the struggle meant to adopt the global ideals that affect people across all the world. According to James, Nagel, (2008), the American literature has remained metropolitan by embracing several cultures and diversity which runs deep as the unity fostered by shared experiences and intertwines histories the United States of America has effectively mirrored the percepts of world literature which has been facilitated by translations and modern issue based literature. Short stories embodies the gradual shift of literature from homegrown constricted view to a more dynamic embracing of global notions and sentiments due to its flexibility and ability to twirl its plots to modern day themes and issues.

In conclusion, literature has generally evolved over the ages in context, stature, style and themes. The current era in literature I s a change in genre as short stories demonstrate the relation power of interaction and develops worldwide sentiments by showing the individual position in the worlds philosophies and inconsistencies. Short stories have managed to bring to the fore, the different regional beauty of story telling as well as develop a platform for conclusive integration creating literature that is adeptly unifying yet remotely specific. Short stories are developed around the status quo and the will continue for a time to elicit these humane sentiments that are subject to change as new knowledge and experiences filter into our perceptions.

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