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Terms and Conditions


Submitting a Refund Application

Anyone who uses our writing services can apply to have their money refunded. They can do this during 14 days after the deadline expiration. However, this time limit is not applicable where a refund claim concerns plagiarism, but we will ask for credible proof (e.g., a plagiarism report) showing the plagiarized text was provided by our writers.              

NB: Plagiarism reports from the Turnitin detection software are considered reliable as are the reports generated by Turnitin partner websites, namely WriteCheck and iThenticate. By contrast, is not credible since the reports from this system suggest that referenced material and quotes taken directly from other texts are plagiarism. Additionally, notes made by hand are not considered credible proof.                  

  1. Only those texts provided by our writers are plagiarism-tested. If your order is of the continuation type, we can bear no responsibility for instances of plagiarism in your part of the text.    
  2. Should you feel dissatisfied in any way, we will examine your claim and provide a report in 3 to 4 days. You will receive a full or partial refund in case your dissatisfaction is justified.        


  1. We revise papers at no extra cost if you contact us within 2 days after your deadline passing. It will be necessary to submit a fresh order when this time period has expired. If our writer offers to revise your paper for free, we will be unable to provide a future refund.         
  2. In the case of lengthier assignments, e.g., twenty-page papers or longer, we provide free revisions at any time within 30 days after the deadline expiration.  
  3. If you decide to change your initial order instructions, we will not be able to revise your paper free-of-charge. In case you provide the writer with important material concerning the order after it is completed (or during the writing process), you will need to compensate the writer’s work by placing a new order.       
  4. Should you request a free revision, a new deadline will need to be set. It may take up to 24 hours to revise the paper if the requirements are complicated or we find it difficult to allocate a writer. However, we will make every possible effort to complete your revision within the allocated amount of time.           
  5. You are advised to monitor all email communication and your profile page because our team may be trying to contact you. We understand that customers can omit to include vital information into the order description. It is, however, each customer’s responsibility to provide all essential details when placing an order.
  6. When a customer fills out the order form, he has the opportunity to get an “Extended Revision” option only for additional 30% of the order price. This option means the extension of a free revision timeframe up to 14 days after the deadline expiration. The option cannot be used in case the revision request is incompatible with the initial requirements.    

A Full Refund

  1. We will refund your money in its entirety if you submit an identical order twice by accident or we erroneously charge you twice. Please contact our customer services team to cancel an invalid order.
  2. If we cannot manage to allocate a writer, we will give you a full refund.    
  3. When you receive a full refund, you should not use any of the materials our company has already provided you with.       

A Partial Refund

  1. If you indicate an incorrect number of pages when ordering your assignment, we can grant a partial refund based on the number of words you actually require.  
  2. We can consider issuing a reduced percentage refund if you mistakenly choose an inappropriate level of writing, e.g., if you choose High School instead of University level.     
  3. If there is a mismatch in the instructions or details you provide (e.g. if the materials you upload do not match the descriptive details on your order), our agents will reassess the refund amount. 
  4. Cancelling an already assigned order:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline

Cancellations cannot be accepted if there is 30% of the deadline left and a writer has already been allocated. Neither can an order be cancelled if an assignment is complete and ready to download.   

Late Verification

  1. Our finance department may ask you to verify an order to prevent fraudulent activity. If you are late responding to these requests, your order’s deadline will commence the minute we receive the required clarification. In the case of such lateness, you can ask to have your deadline extended or submit a fresh order if your paper is required quickly.            

Word Count Issues

  1. The number of words provided per page equals 300. We calculate the overall length of an assignment by the number of words not visually. One notable exception to this policy is technical papers because they are comprised of figures and calculations. Therefore, the cost is determined by the complexity level. 
  2. Orders for PowerPoint slides. We provide notes for speakers but these are subject to separate payment. Customers are to select such an option when ordering a ppt. Where speaker notes are required, the assigned writer will create around 100 or 150 words for each PowerPoint slide.        
  3. If your assignment involves an online test, we will calculate the price on the basis of the number of questions per each page (5 questions per page). This principle is also applied to multi-choice type questions. Therefore, if a test has twenty five questions, you should order a five-page paper.            


  1. Early delivery of an order will require additional payment. Therefore, you may be asked to place a new order to take account of the cost difference. If our writer agrees to complete your paper early without additional payment, we will not be able to accommodate a refund request later.       
  2. If you get your order after deadline without an extension being agreed in advance, you will be entitled to some refund amount. The recalculated percentage will be based on our website price list.       

Order Type

  1. Please be careful to select the correct type of assignment when submitting your order, e.g., “Essay” instead of “Term Paper.”
  2. A “Rewriting” order is one that involves our writer rewording or paraphrasing a text provided by you. However, if you require a) freshly-written text, b) new research, or c) different sources, our staff may ask you to submit a new order to reimburse the writer who is working for you.     
  3. Our staff may sometimes send you messages, so we advise you to monitor your profile page and email inbox. We really appreciate prompt replies, particularly if we have chosen a topic on your behalf and are awaiting your approval.     



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