The types of essays you may need to write throughout your academic years vary. One of them is a Law school essay. What is it? What points to consider when writing it? Read the information provided below to understand what such a paper implies.

The Law School Admission Essay

This is the most important writing assignment in an aspiring attorney's career. You have about two pages to create to impress the admissions board that you have what it takes to be a successful law student, and lawyer. To create this image of yourself in the board's psyche, you must write an honest and captivating essay, which gives you an advantage over all of the other thousands of essays being submitted. Similar to a court case, it is wise to dissect your law school essay and develop each component to its highest level.



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Use the customary structure you have used in past essays. In the introduction, compose the thesis of who you are. Make your unique experiences and abilities clear and interesting for the reader. In the body of the law school essay, expand your thesis with a strong description of the influences which have brought you to this point and your capabilities in academics and advocacy. Maintain a flow in your law school essay by having each paragraph follow naturally from the previous paragraph. Finally, draw your conclusion, in which you emphasize the characteristics and accomplishments you want the reader to take away from your essay.


Your life is a unique combination of events and influences which make you who you are. Be honest, use your most memorable anecdotal examples, and explore the effects of influences upon you. You may relate personal examples of how you learned to persevere in the face of adversity, and lessons learned in integrity and honesty. The main goal is to give the admissions committee a true and memorable image of you.

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