Questions that New Customers Frequently Ask

What shall I do if the order placement form does not submit and I am not forwarded to the next page?

Double-check the size of files you have attached since the website has restrictions. If they exceed the minimum, the order will not be submitted. Large files can be sent via email to the customer support agents, and they will forward the documents to your writer.

I have indicated wrong deadline/ complexity level/ topic/ paper length, etc. Is there a possibility of editing the registration form?

You are not able to change the order details on your own. However, you can contact our customer support team, and the agents will do it for you. Just provide us with the updates. Correspondingly, the price will be recalculated depending on the new details.

I need more pages to my order. What should I do?

If you need a longer paper, you need to submit an additional order and indicate the number of additional pages. You need to log into your account, go to the “My orders” section and place an additional order to the needed one. If you are confused about how to do it, do not hesitate to contact our customer support service.

How can I be sure that a writer is assigned to work on my paper?

If a writer has been assigned to work on your order, you will be able to see the writer’s ID in the order details section.

Do I have an opportunity to get a draft of my paper?

Definitely, you just have to order an additional one-page draft. It will be sent to you after 50% of the deadline has expired. Keep in mind that the draft option is paid extra.

How can I send a revision request?

Revision can be sent via your account. You have to click the "My Orders" section, find your completed orders, find the one you want to be revised, and click the option "Revision Request." You will have to specify instructions as to what should be changed and indicate the deadline for revision. A free revision request option is granted during two days for short orders and 30 days for long orders (20 pages and more). If you have some questions, be sure to contact our customer support team.

How to change my email address/ telephone number/ password to my personal cabinet?

Just go to your profile, select the “edit” function, provide updates, and save them.

How long should I wait till a writer is assigned to work on my paper?

Our company`s customer support agents do their best to find a writer within the shortest time possible. When assigning a writer, we try to make sure that he/ she matches your paper requirements. On average, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours. However, in cases when the order is really complicated, it may even take a day or more to find a writer with adequate qualifications.

I want to request revision, but the time of free revision has already expired. What should I do then?

If there is no more chance to place a free revision request, you can just create a new order on the website and indicate the order type "Revision." You will have to pay for this revision order separately according to the company’s policies, and you will have to add the necessary remarks or instructions.

How can I get in touch with the writer?

All our customers have a fantastic opportunity to contact their writers via direct messaging system. If the writer does not respond, you can contact our live chat support and they will try to get a reply from your writer more urgently.

Where can I download my completed paper?

Upon paper completion, one can download it from the personal profile. You just have to choose the "Files" tab in the "Orders" section.

Can I ask for professional assistance with my test?

Our company provides expert help not only with essay writing, research paper writing, and other types of academic writing. We assist students with exams, multiple choice questions, quizzes, tests, and similar tasks. To place a test, choose “Online Test” order type and provide us with all details concerning your order. Your assigned writer should have all the necessary information to get prepared for the test. If you want your assigned writer to take the test in the real-life regime, provide him/ her with your credentials and indicate the exact time when the test begins, its duration, and your time zone.

Can I place my coding assignment with you?

No, unfortunately, we do not deal with coding tasks. We do not have a team of experts capable of dealing with programming, coding or app development assignments.

How can I be informed about the updates concerning my order?

Each client placing orders with us is notified about any updates or actions concerning the order via email, SMS or phone calls.

How can I be sure that a writer has been assigned to work on my order?

This information can be seen in your personal account. You just have to log into the system, check the order ID and then look at the order status. If you notice that the status is called "Payment Verification," the payment has not been confirmed yet, so a writer cannot be assigned on this stage. In such case, you have to either pay for the order or verify the payment if you have paid for it. If you notice that the status is "Processing," a writer is working on it right now. If the status is "Sent/ Completed," the order must have been already finished and you should be able to find it in your account.

When will I get my order?

All orders are delivered according to the deadline.

I have troubles placing my order on the website. What is the problem?

If you have filled in the order registration form and uploaded all files, but the order placement form would not reload, check on the size of the attached files. There are some restrictions concerning the maximum size that you can attach. So, keep in mind that you can forward all the necessary files regardless their size to our customer support agents.

Where does my assigned writer upload my paper?

Completed works are uploaded to the system, and clients can find them in their personal accounts. Papers can be downloaded closer to the due date.

I have troubles when paying for my order. How can I deal with this problem?

We do not deal with payment problems directly, but our customer support team can forward your request to the financial department. If you experience a problem for the first time, we recommend that you change the payment card or try to process the payment from another browser. In other cases, contact our live chat support immediately.

Can I get my order earlier if the writer has written it quickly?

Our writers complete orders according to the deadline. If you need an order urgently because of some reason, for example, your professor has asked you to submit it earlier, then you have to pay a compensation.

Can I receive my paper via email once it is finished?

When writers complete papers, they upload them into the system, so clients can download them from their personal accounts. Additionally, clients get an email notification, so they know when specifically the paper can be downloaded.

Do I have to pay extra if I want to choose a preferred writer for my order or if I choose supreme writing service?

The supreme level of a writing service is a guarantee that your order will be taken special care of. As soon as you place the order, our company administration will find the writer. Besides, when assigning a writer, we guarantee that we will choose the best one from 30 top-rated writers. Upon completion, your paper will be scanned for plagiarism and you will receive a plagiarism report as a proof that you have an authentic paper. In case you have a preferred writer and want that expert to complete your assignment, you can indicate their ID in the order form and select the premium service. Our Writing Department will assign the desired specialist to your order immediately. 

I do not want to leave my contact details, specifically my phone number. What should I do about that?

It is not necessary to provide your phone number if you do not want to. Nonetheless, please consider that leaving your full contact details enables us to contact you in urgent cases. As such, you can have higher chances of improving communication with the company administration as well as your assigned writer.

Am I guaranteed privacy? Can I be sure that my information will not be shared?

We guarantee confidentiality to all of our clients. According to the privacy policy, all information is securely stored in our databases and none of it is shared to the third parties. We do not disclose customers’ and writers’ contact details, names, gender whatsoever.

Can I request only one revision during the free revision time?

No, you can send as many free revision requests as needed within the specified period.

Can I have a guarantee that my paper is free from plagiarism?

Yes, sure. One of our company’s policies is to provide authentic and plagiarism-free content. As such, before delivering papers to the clients, we make sure that they go thorough plagiarism check.

Who is going to work on my assignment?

Our company boasts a rich and versatile team of writers who specialize in a wide range of disciplines. Besides, all writers on our team have a decent experience in academic writing, so you can be rest assured that your paper will be handled according to your instructions.

How can I know that my paper has been edited and proofread?

If you order VIP services, editing and proofreading are included in the package. So, when you check editing option, you will have to pay extra.

How can I check whether a writer is writing my paper or not?

One of the easiest options is to check whether a writer has been assigned to work on your paper. You need to go to your personal profile, click the right order, and check its status. If it says "Processing," your paper is handled by one of our company’s experts. If the status says "Sent," you should look for the order in the "My Files" section. Another option is to contact the live chat support and check for more details. Specifically, you can find out to what extent your assigned writer has progressed with your order. More so, you can ask the company’s administration to send you notifications concerning any updates.

I have mistakenly indicated wrong deadline while filling in order details. What should I do if I need my paper earlier than indicated?

You can contact the customer support team and notify them on the updates. They will help you provide the necessary changes in the system. One of the options how to get your paper earlier is to place a compensation order, where you need to pay extra, and then wait till the order is completed.

How can I choose the same writer who worked on my previous orders? I liked the way they dealt with my assignment, they helped me to succeed in my writing task. Now I want them to continue working on my further orders.

It is not hard to choose the same writer. You need to find their writer’s ID in the details of the order he worked on. Then, when placing a new order on the website, you need to provide their writer’s ID in the corresponding field. When you want to use the option of choosing the preferred writer, you will need to pay extra 15% to the total order price.

What are your company’s specific responsibilities?

As soon as you place your order on the website, we are responsible for finding the most suitable writer to work on your paper. Besides, we provide 24/7 customer support. Our customer support agents are responsible for providing you with updates on each writing stage. Last but not least, we guarantee timely delivery of orders regardless of the deadline.

Can your writers cope with really challenging assignments?

We have a versatile team of writers that comprises of specialists of different levels. We have writers who hold Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and MBA degrees. Be sure to indicate the level in the order details.

Why can’t I proceed with the payment?

If you have got a "payment failure" or "authorization" error, try using another credit card, browser, or device. If it does not help, contact the financial department that will help you out with the processing the payment.

I cannot proceed with the order placement process. The page has turned grey/ keeps loading.

If you have been uploading some files or documents, double-check whether their size does not exceed the allowed minimum. If the uploaded materials are too large, you can forward them via email to the customer support team.

I have paid for my order, but I still see payment request on the website.

Please check your inbox as to whether you have received confirmation of the payment. If you have the receipt, please forward it to our company administration. If you cannot find this message in your inbox, check in the trash or spam section. If no information can be found in the email, contact your bank and check whether money was taken from your account. If you do not have the message and if money has not been withdrawn from your banking account, it means that the payment was not proceeded successfully. Therefore, try using another card, browser or device.

I want to make sure that my task can be handled. Can I do it in advance before placing an order with your website?

Of course, you can contact our customer support team, send us detailed instructions, and we will inform you on whether we have experts in your area of expertise.

Is it obligatory to leave my phone number or email address?

Our company administration strongly recommends doing that, as we will then be able to get in touch with you when needed. Leaving your contact information boosts your chances for success.

I got a notification that my order will be refunded. How much time does this procedure take?

On average, the money refund process ranges from three to five working days. However, it also depends on how well and promptly your bank operates.

How can I get in touch with my writer?

According to the company’s policy, our customers can use the direct messaging system to contact writers. If you face some troubles, you can ask customer support agents to forward your message to the writer.

How can I get my final paper?

You can find your paper in your personal cabinet. You need to go to the “Completed Orders” section, choose the order ID and there you are: you will be able to download the paper right there. If the deadline has expired but you still cannot find your paper, a good idea would be to contact the customer support agents for help.

When will I get the completed order?

According to the rules, our company’s writers upload completed orders according to the deadline. You can check on the order deadline in the order details – you will be able to check on the exact delivery date.

Can my assigned writer purchase a book needed to complete the assignment?

Unfortunately, no. According to the company’s policies, a client has to provide his/ her writer will all the needed materials that will ensure successful completion of the paper.

I was trying to place the order online, but the page will not load. What should I do about that?

Try to reload the page if nothing else helps. If you have downloaded some files, check whether their size is appropriate. The website does not accept big files, so if they exceed the allowed size, forward those to the customer support team via live chat option or email.

My professor has asked me to add extra pages to my paper. How can I adjust the paper instructions so that my assigned writer adds some material?

Go to your personal profile, find your processing order, click the “Additional Order” button next to it, and then submit an additional order, where you indicate the number of pages that should be added. You will then have to pay for that extra page or two that you have to add.

I indicated the wrong due date. Do I have a chance to change it?

In case you need to shorten the deadline, you will have to compensate the difference between the initially set deadline and the new one. Our customer support agents can help you with figuring out the difference.

What order type should I indicate if I cannot find the needed one on the list?

You can provide your instructions and paper description to our customer support agents, and they will help you identify the order type.

Do you really give a guarantee that I will receive a paper free from plagiarism?

Our company ensures that the papers you order from us will adhere to academic standards. All assignments are carefully edited, proofread, and formatted, and also scanned via anti-plagiarism software. All this can be guaranteed thanks to the writers’ expertise and their in-depth knowledge in a specific area.

Will my details be kept in privacy?

Our custom writing service guaranteed confidentiality of all information you share with us. None of it will ever be disclosed to the third parties.

Will my paper be delivered according to the set deadline?

Definitely, one of our company’s guarantees is that we always submit papers according to the due date. Our writing experts are always on time with writing.

Are the prices negotiable?

We have a strict and stable pricing policy on the website, but in some cases, you can contact our customer support representatives via live chat and inquire whether there are special offers or discounts available. At times, there are possibilities to get a coupon for discount.

If I have specific questions to my assigned writer, is there any possibility to get in touch with them?

If you have some specific questions to your assigned writer or if you need to send some updates, details or provide some comments, there is a fantastic opportunity to contact your writer via direct messaging system on the website.

I am in the middle of the order placement process, and the page has frozen. How can I solve the issue and what is the reason for it?

As a rule, such delays in the order processing are connected with large size of the attached files. Make sure they do not exceed the limit. In case they do, send the files via email. Your customer care agent will help you with that.

I want to place an online test with you. It will take an hour to complete the test, but I cannot find the adequate deadline option for that. How to place such order?

Leave us information that your assigned writer will need when preparing to the test. Further, make sure you indicate the time of taking the test, your time zone, etc. More so, do not forget to provide credentials to the website where the test is going to be taken.

Can I get my money refunded in the form of bonuses? How can the bonuses be used then?

Get in touch with our customer care and ask them whether you can contact the financial department. As soon as your refund claim is processed, there will be an opportunity to provide you money in the form of bonuses. Correspondingly, you will be able to use the bonuses when paying for the other orders.

When will my writer send the order and how can I get it?

When you place your order online, you should specify the exact deadline. Therefore, you are to expect the order once the deadline expires. As soon as your assigned writer finishes working on your order, he/ she will upload the completed paper to the website. Besides, you will get a notification via email that the order is completed.

What order type should I specify?

If you are confused about how to decide, which order type to indicate, contact our customer care support via email or live chat and they will help you out. Our customer support agents will provide you with brief description of each of the order types by analyzing paper descriptions.

Can I be sure in the excellent quality of writing I get from you? Can you guarantee me top academic performance?

We never promise specific grades since evaluation is subjective and it depends on how picky and strict a professor is, or even what mood they are in when checking your papers. What we do promise, however, is the brilliant quality of writing regardless of the order complexity, writing style or deadline.

Can I get my order sooner than the indicated deadline?

As per company’s policies, papers are delivered according to the deadline that was indicated by you while you were placing the order. If you want the paper earlier for some reasons, you have to place a compensation. Our live chat support can help you out with that if you need assistance.

Who will work on my assignment?

All tasks regardless of the topic, type, and complexity are handled by real specialists in the corresponding subject areas. Our writers are specialists of top level: academic writers, former professors or teachers with solid experience.

Can I first find out whether your company’s writers can complete the assignment and only then purchase an order with you?

Definitely, contact our customer support representatives via live chat or email, and forward your requirements to them. They will be able to check whether there are available writing specialists to handle your assignment.

What should I know about your pricing policy?

The total cost of your custom-written assignment depends on a variety of factors. Specifically, when you are placing an order with us, you have to indicate the order type, the number of pages, the academic complexity of writing, the deadline, the formatting style, and other factors that may influence the total price.

How will I get the completed task?

Completed assignments are uploaded into the system. After that, customers are able to download the order from their personal account.

I have already written a part of my assignment. Can I order another part from you?

Without a doubt, you have a chance to place not only orders written from the beginning from scratch but also separate chapters or paper parts. Just provide us with the part that you have written on your own and also leave detailed order instructions.

What are your working hours?

Our company operates round-the-clock, so you are welcome to contact us at any time of the day or night.

Are you capable of handling urgent orders?

Sure. Our writers can handle even urgent assignments as they are used to working under stress. If you hesitate whether your assigned writer will handle your task successfully within a limited period of time, you can contact our live chat for clarifications.

I want a specific writer to work on my order. Is that possible?

You can choose your preferred writer, but you only have to indicate his/ her writer’s ID or mention which of your previous orders of yours he/ she completed.

Can I apply for revision if I need some adjustments in the paper?

If the custom-written paper has not been completed according to the standards, you definitely have the option to send a revision request for free within 48 hours after the deadline expiration. You can send as many revision requests for free as needed within this free revision period. Keep in mind that you should not change the original instructions. If you do so, you will need to place a compensation order.

Can I get a guarantee that I will get an excellent mark if I order from you?

No, we cannot guarantee some specific grades, as we are not aware how each professor evaluates papers. Grading is subjective, so we cannot be held responsible for that. Nevertheless, we guarantee premium quality of writing, plagiarism-free content, and a free revision option.

Can my papers be checked for plagiarism with your service?

When you pick a VIP package, you can choose plagiarism search option, by using which you will be granted that your papers will be checked by a reliable plagiarism checker. Your writing projects can be checked for plagiarism for free throughout one year.

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