1. Fill in and submit our order requirements form

Make sure that the contact info you have provided is correct and valid, including e-mails and phone numbers.

We need to keep in touch with you at all stages of the writing process, and your e-mail and telephone will serve as the primary ways to contact you.

Make sure the order requirements you have provided are full and correct. The writer who will work on your paper will follow everything you have written in your order form. That is why you need to be particularly thorough, when filling in the order form. Once submitted, the order requirements you have initially provided can be changed only before we assign a writer to the project.


2. Payment processing

The deadline (urgency) for your paper counts ONLY from the moment the payment was submitted.

Our writers will not start doing research before the order is paid. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, which means that we guarantee a refund, in case you are not satisfied with the final product. You can apply for a refund within two weeks after the assignment deadline has expired. Besides, you need to provide us with detailed comments on the refund application.

We may ask you to verify your personality/identity. Please, do not worry if you get a call from our Billing Department representatives, asking you to verify your personal and payment details. We need to confirm that you are the cardholder who have placed an order on our website. We need to ensure that you and our writers are fully protected from the risks of frauds. All we need is to know that you are the one to have ordered a paper from us. We need to know that the purchase has been authorized by you.


3. Get an order confirmation to your e-mail. Save the order confirmation e-mail for further reference

You will receive an order confirmation e-mail from our company, with the data you need to continue your cooperation with us.

In the order confirmation form you will find everything you need to contact our customer service representatives and the writer.

You will find the details and links you need to keep in touch with us. You will also be able to upload additional materials if requested by the writer. Save the order confirmation mail for your future reference!


4. Log-in to your account and use it for communication with the writer and customer support!

Check your e-mail regularly and communicate with the writer and customer service representatives.

You can post messages directly to the writer, with any questions related to your order. The writer will send you his/her answers, using the same system.

Don’t worry, if you see that we have not found anyone to work on your paper. Our writers are free to choose the orders they deem they can complete professionally and on time. This is the best way to ensure that all papers are completed by the writer who is proficient in your subject. At times, you need to wait to get the best writer for your paper.

If you suddenly learn that your paper requirements have changed, you can resubmit them before we find a writer for your order or during initial writing stages. However, if you change essential order details while the writer has already completed a part of the assignment or uploaded the whole paper, we may request additional compensation for the change of the original instructions. Rewriting the ordered work due to the alteration of instructions should be compensated because the writer will spend extra time on it.

Don’t get alarmed if the writer does not reply to your messages immediately. Our writers spend most time researching and writing assignments, and they may not be able to check their messages every minute. We guarantee timely responses from the writer's side. When it goes about hot orders, you can always contact our Support Team to get instant clarifications to your requests.


5. Use the link we provide to download the finished paper!

When the deadline for your paper is approaching, do not forget to check your e-mail. You will receive an e-mail notification, once the paper is completed. You can download the finished paper form your personal account.

In case of any technical difficulties, we can send the finished paper to your e-mail. The letter will contain an attached work in a doc file. In the case of several attached files, you will get an archive.


6. Let us know how you feel about your paper!

Fill in our Customer Satisfaction Survey, to let us know how you feel about your paper!

You will receive an e-mail notification with a link to our Customer Satisfaction Survey. It is important for us to know your opinions about our work. You can also request a free revision within 2 days after order deadline expiry. A revision option is free unless you change the initial order requirements.

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