Progressive Delivery

If you want your order(s) sent to you progressively (or in parts), this is something offers. This is a superb way of managing bulkier orders or those that are more complex in their nature. Usually, this means assignments equaling 20+ pages long (where double-spacing is used) or 10+ pages (where single-spacing is used).

Benefits of electing to have your paper delivered in progressive style:

  • Facilitates easy monitoring/tracking of orders: Because orders are delivered in part, the customer has time to review and approve each portion before their entire paper falls due for submission.
  • Allows more time to submit revision requests, which our company offers free-of-charge, for a longer period (30 days) after an order is delivered (please note that, with standard orders, you only have 2 days for free revisions).
  • Customers can expect to get the best writers and finest editors from our competent team.
  • You get an account manager assigned to your project – someone to makes sure that a) your order is completed to an entirely satisfactory standard and b) that all contact/communication between you and your writer is as quick, effective, and efficient as possible.

How drafts (part papers) are delivered*:

  • Deadline is 4 days or under: If you select a deadline of four days or less, you may expect to get one (the first) draft when we approach the half-way time i.e. when we approach fifty percent (50%) of the chosen deadline. Also, at this time, you may expect to get quarter of your order (i.e. 25%). So, if your total order equals 36 pages, you will receive a draft of 9 pages.
  • Deadline is 5 to 11 days: If you select a deadline of five - eleven days, you may expect to get two drafts once the quarter and halfway time gets near i.e. when we approach twenty five percent and fifty percent respectively (25% and 50%) of the selected deadline. Additionally, at these times, you may expect to receive a quarter and a half of your paper respectively (25% and 50%).
  • Deadline is 12 days (or greater than 12 days): If you select a deadline of 12 days or give is more time, you may expect to get three drafts at the quarter, half, and three-quarter stages – i.e. when we approach 25%, 50%, and 75% of the chosen deadline. At these milestones, you may expect to get a quarter, half, and three-quarter (25%, 50%, and 75%) of your ordered paper.

Pay only 15% extra for greater flexibility.

* Our helpful representatives will always work closely with you to devise an individualized delivery plan to meet your needs – in this case if you would prefer to get your paper by another means. The manager we allocate to your order will analyze and discuss your specific requirements directly with you in order to develop a mutually satisfactory method.

Additional Services for Orders less than 20 Pages


When required, it is possible for us to send you a summary version of your paper, e.g., a 1-page summary showing all main points/information. This is a service recommends to anyone who is required to report on their research work on an interim basis.


We can provide 1-page drafts – also on request. If, for instance, you need your paper typed in single-spacing we will provide a 600-word draft or, if you want it typed in double spacing, we will provide a 300-word draft. These drafts can be made available when we approach 50% of your selected deadline. So, if you have chosen a deadline of 4 days, we can send your draft after 2 days i.e. when half the deadline gets near.

Extended Revision

As a customer of, you are eligible for free revisions for 48 hours (after delivery) of every order. You may, however, get this time extended to 2 weeks (14 days) if desired.

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