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       APA or American Psychological Association format is mostly used by academicians of today for writing essays of all types. The APA style differs from others in the area of borrowed works. Writing any types of essays involve basically two different processes. One is research of relevant facts and figures for writing the essay and the other is the actual process of writing the essay. These two processes do not happen in isolation from each other. They go hand in hand and happen together. In APA format if you use any information from external sources then you must mention the sources in your essay.

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       In APA format papers many different types of academic papers can be written on a variety of subjects. But primarily APA format essays are written on topics which are relevant to social sciences. APA format essays can be written in subjects like political science, sociology, psychology, education, business and various other disciplines. APA format papers differ from all other types in font, margins and headings as well as referencing. We have given detailed guidelines here regarding how to use an APA format papers. One should know about APA format papers since it will help them immensely in writing APA format essays in the future.

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   Suppose you are writing a sentence using quotes in an APA format. Then the entire quote should be indented five spaces. At the end of it you must record the source of the quote, name of the person who made the quote, name of the author from where you have got the quote, the date of its publication as well as the page number. But you must keep in mind that this rule is only applicable if the quote is more than 40 words. If it is less than 40 words then there is no need for the writer to mention all these info in his essay.

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       But even when you are recording sources in your APA format essay there is a specific format for doing it. References should always appear at the end of the essay. References to authors are made in an alphabetical order using their last names followed by the year of publication. The first & the last names of the authors appear as only initials. While writing the name of the publisher, press note should also be written down along with that. One should also underline the title of every book & journals & write the first letters of every word (apart from liking words like to, of, for etc.) in capital letters.

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