These days, the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town. This technology has recently experienced a breakthrough, and now generative AI like ChatGPT is on the rise. It can produce human-like text in response to prompts and create all kinds of content ranging from code to an essay. In many spheres, people started wondering how this development can affect their work, and students are not an exception. Many would like to know whether the text produced by AI is good enough to use for academic purposes. Comparing ChatGPT vs human, who writes better? Can such AI writing tools create high-quality essays? Or do they lag behind professional essay writers? Let’s have a look at who wins.

What Is ChatGPT?

Imagine that you type your query in a search engine. But instead of providing pages and pages of results, it replies to you in a human-like manner. This is basically how generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT works. This chatbot is based on a natural language processing model and has enormous machine learning capability. It clearly understands what a user asks for and responds fairly accurately in the form of a conversation. As a result, comparing ChatGPT vs human, it might be difficult to tell the difference sometimes. Although generative artificial intelligence can create various content including images, its capability to generate fluent text is the feature that is valued the most right now. ChatGPT can write code, do translation, complete calculations, draft tables, and write coherent pieces on a wide variety of topics among other things.



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How ChatGPT Really Works

For ChatGPT to work, it has been fed and trained with huge datasets consisting of various types of data. These are open-access web pages, articles, books, research papers, and other written materials. When a user sends a prompt to this artificial intelligence tool, here is what happens:

  • It divides the query into individual tokens and encodes them.
  • The analysis of the codes allows the AI to understand the context, meaning of the tokens, and the connection between them. It then detects patterns.
  • The patterns enable ChatGPT to search for relevant information in its datasets.
  • Next, the chatbot generates a response by predicting the tokens. It chooses the most likely answer, but it is also trained to have the slightest bit of creativity in order to produce more diverse responses.
  • The tool then decodes the selected token, improves the answer if necessary, and offers the output to the user.

While ChatGPT does this huge job in a split second and does have access to a vast amount of data, it does not have a real-time connection to the internet. It cannot provide a user with the latest information, so the reliability of the responses might be affected. This is the point at which a professional essay writer gets a decisive win over AI instruments.

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Pros of Using ChatGPT or Other AI Writing Tools

The results that ChatGPT produces might amaze, so it is not surprising that many students consider using it or other AI writing tools to deal with their homework. Indeed, this artificial intelligence technology offers a lot of advantages:

  • Versatility. The chatbot can deal with various types of assignments. It is familiar with essays, emails, letters, summaries, and many other academic formats and paper types.
  • Objectivity. In academic writing, it is important to show no bias and use facts and evidence. Comparing ChatGPT vs human, the former is definitely better at being not biased.
  • Grammar. AI writing tools offer impeccable grammar. There will be no or barely any typos or mechanical mistakes. With the chatbot, comas are always in the right places.
  • Speed. Contrasting ChatGPT and human writers, the chatbot is superior when it comes to speed. It does not need time for researching, drafting, revising, etc. If a paper is to be submitted within minutes, it is an option.
  • Ideas. A student can use ChatGPT to come up with ideas. It helps to explore concepts from various perspectives fast and get inspired. Such use of AI software is a great starting point for writing an essay by yourself.

All in all, unlike a professional writer, ChatGPT can produce an essay instantly and be extremely helpful in the process of generating ideas. But this is not enough to be a replacement for professional essay writers.

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Cons of Using ChatGPT for Academic Purposes

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that is under development. It still requires a lot of time, effort, and resources to succeed in the ChatGPT vs human competition. At least for now, it has a range of serious drawbacks:

  • So-so writing. ChatGPT comes up with answers based on probability. It results in mediocre writing with recurring sentence structures, repetitive ideas, monotonous presentation, etc.
  • Word limit. The tool generates only so much content at once. There is a limit of 2408 words. It affects the development of ideas, presentation of the information, and overall quality of the piece.
  • Outright lie. It seems that the biggest fear of ChatGPT is receiving a request to which it does not have an answer. When it happens, it makes up information. This major issue is yet to be fixed.
  • Limited data. AI tools are trained with datasets. Specifically, ChatGPT has been trained with open-access data as of 2021. It does not know that Russia invaded Ukraine or that the COVID-19 pandemic is officially over. It also does not have access to any research articles or books that are not free.
  • Formatting. The given artificial intelligence tool does not have the feature that would take care of formatting. It does not provide correct references, and the delivered piece will not conform to academic standards.

All in all, while in the race between ChatGPT and human writers the gap between the contestants is getting smaller, it is there. Submitting a paper generated by the chatbot without revising, rewriting, and editing would be a huge mistake, while professional essay writers deliver ready-to-use pieces while students enjoy their free time.

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AI Writing Tools vs Pro Essay Writers

The comparison of ChatGPT vs human brings forward the limitation of the technology. As a rule, an essay or any other piece of writing is more than just a logical presentation of facts. Accuracy of data, correct use of tenses, and the absence of typos are not enough to hit a good grade. It takes critical thinking, creativity, reading between the lines, understanding of nuances, considerations of the context, etc., to produce a good paper. All these are, however, a usual part of the job for a professional essay writer.

Locked Creativity

Both ChatGPT and human writers can produce dry text and follow typical writing patterns. But only professional essay writers can masterfully break the patterns and come up with something completely new thanks to their creativity. A good writer can think out of the box, find a unique perspective on a subject, and jazz up even the most boring topic. Despite being highly adaptable and fast, the AI lacks creativity and, in fact, provides the most unimaginative output.

Logic over Emotions and Senses

Humans are unique in their ability to express emotions with words, and AI cannot match it. Human writers know how it feels to be happy or devastated, angry or cheerful, and hungry or sleepy, etc. This knowledge gives people the ability to use metaphors, descriptions, comparisons, and other creative means to appeal to emotions or senses. And being able to do it is crucial, for example, in narrative, persuasive, or descriptive writing assignments.

Personal Reflection

Comparing ChatGPT vs human, the latter also wins when it comes to personal perspective. Frequently, as a part of assignments, students have to express their own opinion, tell the audience about their own experiences and feelings, or articulate a personal response to a certain issue. AI cannot do any of these things well. It is strong with facts but inept with anything that makes up real and sincere stories.

Seeing the Big Picture

ChatGPT is great at calculations and writing code, but it might not be able to deliver a good result when it comes to humanities and social sciences. Issues discussed in such essays exist in a certain social and cultural context of which the AI cannot be aware. More so, there are usually subtle nuances to them that the technology cannot read. Unlike a professional essay writer, it does not know cultural references or recognize irony. It impairs its ability to make solid arguments.

Human Involvement

ChatGPT cannot work independently and requires participation from a user. It does not have critical thinking that is developed enough to evaluate evidence and question data. For this reason, ChatGPT can be easily manipulated. Thus, using AI, a student still needs to refine prompts, provide feedback to the chatbot, revise the piece, change arguments, verify information, etc.

As you can see, unlike with a professional essay writer, a student cannot count on AI when it comes to essays. There are tasks that are still impossible to this technology or are likely to be done incorrectly. In the battle of ChatGPT vs human, people win!

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Why Hire a Professional Essay Writer Instead of Using ChatGPT

The comparison of ChatGPT and human experts shows that the AI tool is not fully capable to replace human writers. Without a doubt, the chatbot is awesome when the deadline is in like 10 minutes or for brainstorming ideas for your paper. But a user cannot completely trust it with an essay. ChatGPT simply does not produce ready-to-use papers. The best it gives is a rough draft that requires verification of data, additional research, a fair amount of rewriting and editing, searching for sources, formatting, etc. At the same time, a professional essay writer can do the task from A to Z and spare a student from unwanted work. You can hire such a writer at reasonable rates at

Hire Our Qualified Human Writers is a reputable custom-writing company that has been helping students from all over the world for many years now. We have a team of professional essay writers who specialize in more than 60 disciplines and work with a huge variety of writing tasks. practices an individual approach to each order. We analyze the requirements and find the best match among our writers. Our agency guarantees that your assigned expert has a relevant degree, knows the latest academic standards, can handle any formatting style, and stays in touch with you if needed. They will ensure full compliance with the requirements and a top-level service at an affordable price. can help everyone with their writing needs. But there are cases in which our services are particularly helpful:

  • If you are a first-year student. You need time to get familiar with new academic standards, research techniques, and writing requirements. We can support you throughout your adaptation period.
  • If you are a senior student. You are likely to have a very tight schedule, massive workload, and job. can save your grades and time.
  • If SEO matters. You might need an optimized text while the AI cannot deliver a result that is good enough. Our writing and rewriting services can easily meet your needs.
  • If research is important. Comparing ChatGPT and human writers, we have pointed out AI can make up data, including sources. At, we only use real, up-to-date, and reliable sources to guarantee top-quality research.
  • If you are worried about plagiarism. writes custom papers from scratch and checks the content with a plagiarism detection tool. Get a PDF plagiarism report as an additional service to be sure you submit an original piece.

The comparison of ChatGPT and human writers shows that AI is yet to learn a lot of things. And hiring a professional essay writer from is a way sounder option if you need academic assistance. Our experts can access the latest data, work independently, verify requirements, and guarantee accuracy. They can deliver a ready-to-use paper that is safe to submit.

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