The APA (American Psychological Association) writing format is a popular academic research paper style. It is generally used for writing research papers on scientific, psychological and similar subject matter. Its format provides an in-text citation style which requires writers to list related reference sources. Where instructed to use this citation format, the document's entire writing style should match the overall APA guidelines. Its research paper style requires the title of the work to be displayed with the page number in the right-hand corner at the top of every page. It requires the bibliography page to comprise of prescribed information pertaining to the sources cited throughout the document.



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The MLA (Modern Language Association) is also a research paper style commonly used in academic circles. The MLA style is the preferred one for producing works in the fields of Humanities and Social Science subjects. The MLA format shares many characteristics with APA; their main difference lies in pagination style. With MLA, it is the writer's surname, rather than the title of the work, that is displayed along with the page number. The bibiliography page also differs where the format for entries varies somewhat from APA.

Other well-known research paper styles, whose names may be familiar to you, are Chicago, Harvard and Turabian reference formats. These styles require the same citation details as the ones described earlier. But they apply different rules on how the citation information is displayed, so the writing format is a bit different.

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Of all the formats, it is the APA (American Psychological Association) writing style that is most commonly used for assignments particularly directed in the subjects of science, psychology and similar subjects related to those fields. This format provides guidelines on using an in-text citation scheme that accommodates references from other relevant sources. And the overall writing format needs to match the style prescribed by APA. The work's title is displayed alongside the page number in the upper right hand corner of every page. Furthermore, the bibliography page must display the prescribed details on the cited sources referred to and used in the document.

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The research paper style is of the highest importance to research academics. A college assignment forms part of a student's instructional guideline to allow him/her to devise an effective academic project format. Where assignments necessitate the writing of study papers, the formatting method used is of equal importance to any other aspect that contributes towards the overall creation of a written research activity. Your tutor may request you to provide a research proposal paper prior to undertaking the actual research project. Applying an effective format to a research document can make it more attractive reading for both the instructor and a wider audience.


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