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Happiness: Definition Essay

Happiness: Definition Essay

 All people seek for happiness in their lives even though it is intangible. How one can be sure he/she is a happy person? Some people think it is an inner satisfaction with their way of life, wealth, health, success, etc. For others, happiness is associated with spiritual development. What about those who do not feel happy? Is there a common recipe for a person to achieve happiness?

First of all, happiness cannot be measured by material prosperity. Having a brand new gadget, up-to-date car or huge house does not make a person feel completely satisfied. These are attributes of wealth that make other people think someone is happy, however, these possessions never guarantee real happiness. People often repeat the cliché “money can’t buy happiness” because it is true. Material things can be bought and lost. As a result, there comes the fear to lose wealth. Thus, people who live in constant stress and fear cannot be happy.

If not material stuff, what does make people really happy? Well, goals do. People simply cannot live without having a sense of purpose. For instance, famous cartoonist Charles Schultz died a week after finishing his world known comic strip “Peanuts.” This means that the sense of purpose was the thing that kept him alive. Without it, his life was lost. Thus, goals make people feel inner satisfaction with themselves and their achievements. This state of mind can be called real happiness.

After reconsideration, pursuing goals at all costs is actually a bad thing. The success that is reached at the expense of everything else in the life may lead to misery. There should be balance in human lives as well as in the universe. People who understand this simple truth are more likely to achieve happiness. In addition, life with a dose of humor is more enjoyable. For example, comedians tend to be happier people because they add humor to every situation which helps them to overcome grief and stay positive in different circumstances.

Thus, people can be considered happy if they have goals to pursue and something to laugh about. Can it be a recipe for happiness? Of course, no. The main thing about being happy is to make a firm decision to live a happy life and enjoy every moment of it. Aristotle once said, “happiness depends upon ourselves.” So, be positive about your life and every new day will bring you happiness and joy.

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